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# 1  8/23/13 9:46 AM

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Santa62 This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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I am just wondering how many people encounter rude people when chatting.  I am not talking **** talk, I am talking about just plain old fashioned politeness.  I have found that a lot of people (women in my case) just seem to stop communicating in the middle of a chat session with no explanations and never respond to further chat requests (in a day or so) or emails.  I understand that things happen (like phone calls or visitors coming over) but it seems to happen more often you might expect (or at least than I expect).

I dont think it's too hard to say "I'm sorry but I am no longer interested, Thank you for the chat" or "Vistors, got to go" etc.

Has anybody else encountered this or is it just me?

# 2  8/23/13 2:53 PM

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SwissChris This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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Hi. I find sometimes they just go, sometimes they say sorry not interested, and on very rare occasions we'll chat 2 or 3 times, and on 1 or 2 occasions we might even meet. But there is also the problem that chat will occasionally stop working. In which case you've got no idea what's happened.

Anyway good luck and welcome to the forum.

# 3  8/23/13 3:56 PM

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custo4429 This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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I don't think it is only with this site, i have been a member of another free dating site called rival site name removed by moderator and the amount of rude individuals who just don't seem to grasp the premise of manners is untrue. Manners seems to be something harder to come by these days in every walk of life.

On another note the number of women who ask you to add them on skype them try and get you to go to a website and vote for them or some other crap like that really annoys me as they just wasting one's time.

there are already a number of threads discussing this issue so i am closing this one. Try looking at … opic/17490 and commenting here as it helps to keep things together. thank you   moderator

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