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That Hot Man

# 21  12/14/13 10:44 AM

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rodsrule wrote:

karsic_karl wrote:

Miss_lovely1 wrote:

sooo been to the pub this evening. In walked this hot guy... oh my word tall, muscular (not hulk muscular tho), dressed well, **** bit of stubble, piercing eyes and chiselled cheek bones

Miss L was in heaven when he sat opposite her and kept checking him out, dont think he minded the boobies either.

soooo is it wrong to sit and stare ?

should I of gone and asked for his no or should the men still be making the first move ?

Staring is okay.
Just make sure you keep your mouth shut and DEFINITELY don't dribble.

Nothing puts me off more than a girl with drool down her jumper.
I get it a lot

you got ur tazer set too high if their dribbling

Taking notes here. Chuckle.

# 22  12/14/13 3:00 PM

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DD_67 wrote:

mr_pharmacist wrote:

I get it all the time, tbh, and it's grrrrrrrrreat for my ego, makes it swell and swell

Hey mr_p, can i get a photo of your swollen *ahem* ego

Sure, all you have to do is whistle, you know how to whistle don't you ?

And to stay 'on-topic', don't want to irk to mods, Miss L absolutely nothing wrong with you making a move on this fella.

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