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Welcome to the forum.  This is the part of the site that has much information on the way how the site works, how to use the site safely, who is in charge of what area, how to use the site and the forum properly, and having general and fun discussions.

PAID MODERATOR Dave  He moderates the whole site including the forum, and is the one that will respond when you post a serious request asking for help in the forum.

Forum Experts
These are UN-PAID VOLUNTEER MODERATORS that help the PAID MODERATOR by keeping the forum in order.  All "Experts" have a special icon on their picture to indicate their status.  Please check here for the current list of "Experts".  The actions of the "Experts" are reviewed and overseen by the PAID MODERATOR to ensure no powers are being abused.  Any issues of moderation by the "Experts" and the PAID MODERATOR must be raised PRIVATELY with the PAID MODERATOR.

If there are issues that the "Experts" or the PAID MODERATOR can not resolve or help you with, please contact the Site Administrator at or browse through the HELP section of the site.

Stuff you should read first
The Rules
Current Experts
Safety Advice For Online Dating
Successful BN members give advice

Chat Issues
The chat function may experience problems and glitches from time to time.  If you notice chat problems, please report them in one of the current running threads, instead of starting new ones:

If you have a run in with a ****, or being asked questionable requests by other members, please read the following threads or join them to report your experience: … topic/1987 … opic/15219 … opic/20810 … opic/17490

Available Forum Areas
Some areas of the forum are not visible to certain users depending on their level of membership.

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