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BeNaughty Forum Rules

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Been Naughtiest

We have created the following rules to establish a friendly environment for members of the site to allow everybody to enjoy the discussions here.
IMPORTANT: You have to read the following rules thoroughly so that no misunderstanding or rule violations may occur.

General issues

1)    You have to be 18 or over to use the forum.
2)    We do not allow you to post copyrighted content . We don’t take any responsibility for the consequences of illegally posted material.
3)    You shouldn’t post in public your contact details (personal email address, telephone numbers etc.) for security reasons.
4)    Misquotations/misinterpretations of other participants of the forum are unacceptable.
5)    Please **** attention to the style you use when making postings: caps/ excessive punctuation/all smileys/blank lines.
6)     To report any rules’ violations or if you have any questions/suggestions you can contact administrators or or use Contact us form to get in touch with the Customer Service.

Posting rules

1)    No threads/posts/messages should be used for chat/mailing purposes.
2)    You should not use names of members as thread titles aiming to instigate private chatting.
3)    Do not enter, edit, or alter any HTML Tags or UBB Code into your posted Messages other than 'Bold', 'Italics', 'Underscore', 'Reply Quote', Hyperlinks (within, Font Colours, Sizes & Types. Any other HTML Tags/UBB Code are reserved for use by the administrators.
4)    DO NOT POST: telephone number, details of ICQ/****/SKYPE or other instant messengers, email addresses etc. Posting of this contact information will be considered as SPAM
5)       Administrators have the right to delete/edit postings that have abusive, insulting and off-topic content. Any posts negatively criticising services will be considered an abuse and consequently deleted/edited without notice. If you have any negative criticism please contact Customer Service via Contact us form
6) Threads and posts touching the problems of:
       becoming a paid member; members being genuine or not
are not allowed and will be deleted without notice.
7)  Rules for posting photos on BeNaughty forum can be found here.
8 ) Posting under multiple profiles is not allowed. Please use only one profile to post on the forum.  Any additional profiles created will be banned from using the forum.
9) Red text is reserved for moderators, please use one of the other colours available.

All decisions are at the discretion of moderators of this forum and no discussion will be entered into.


Someone who actively promotes external sites or services either by providing links, contact details or any other means. This also includes any person, organisation or any other entity that is advertising unofficially and leads our members ultimately to any type of transaction for the exchange of money.

NOTE: we do not allow postings that include links leading to free-hosting sites such as MySpace, FaceBook etc. This also includes links to your own site or page. Such postings will be considered as spam even if you are not intentionally advertising anything.
You can easily exchange URLs of profile pages.
We do not allow mass-posting activity of any kind and consider any postings invalid that include:
1) links redirecting to external web pages/ websites such as:
- link shortening services, like, tinyurl as they can be changed later on,
- other dating sites or social networks,
- suspicious sites that may be used for spam and ****,
- sites in languages other than English,
- all other links that are considered unacceptable by moderators
All other links can be posted on the forum.
2) home/****-mail address
3) IM numbers etc.
4) telephone numbers
5) off-topic posts

We also do not permit unacceptable postings, such as chat messages, smileys or links "only",  SMS language or Internet slang, multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk ****-mail, announcements.

The problem of **** has been discussed a number of times on the forum.
BN makes every effort to prevent **** from reaching the site users and aims to protect members from being cheated:
1) All profiles are manually approved
2) Each profile has a ‘Report profile’ button on it in order to report suspicious members. Please don’t forget to provide valid evidence
when you report a **** as we don’t want to remove real members by mistake.
3)Safety Advice For Online Dating is available on the site to inform members of the precautions to be taken when using online dating.
If you have any constructive ideas on how the site should deal with this issue, feel free to add them to the running threads: … opic/15219 … opic/20810 … c/1987/p/1

All other threads about **** will be closed or deleted.

Forum postings guidelines

All forums at are listed by specific subjects. We have created different discussion rooms to cover the most popular topics and allow you to find a suitable topic where you can develop your threads. So, all you need to make sure of is to put your thread in the correct forum to get the most replies and to encourage compelling discussion.
To navigate the threads please use the SEARCH option in the right upper corner of the page. This way you will easily find out whether a thread topic already exists.
If you want to start the new thread please give your thread a subject title related to it’s topic. Please try to be unique and start a thread which has not been discussed already.
If you continually post in the wrong forums, your threads will be deleted instead of moved! and your posting privileges may be removed or diminished, temporarily or permanently, depending on severity.

Protest threads against moderators/administrators

Anyone who creates or participates in a Protest Thread, outlines any protest in their profile, posts any negative commentary with regards to moderation or administration, or discusses emails/actions between moderators/administration and themselves in their profiles or postings with respect to the administration of, instead of contacting Customer Service, will have their posting priviledges permanently revoked, banned forever, all posts deleted - depending on severity.

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