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# 1  3/23/13 12:03 PM

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horny4u This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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I first saw her as she served me at the counter in the Reject Shop while I was getting a few things for my Technology assignment (Class Capitan Chair) (Teaching Degree at UNI)...  I urged myself to ask her out but couldn't as I was High at the time on the Wacky Tobaccy (I quietly said to myself, 'if it was meant to be, I'll see her again';  That was first semester, Feb-May, 2002).  Fast forward to 23rd November, 2002 and 1 day before her 20th birthday, I arrive at my DJ Mate (Tay's) 21st House Party...  Booze, drugs, funky music and girls (a male Uni student's fantasy, besides the **** with 2 girls) AND SHE WAS THERE!!!  I wanted her then and there but I kept it KOOL (puffing away on the weed and drinking a lot of Hennessey VSOP, my favourite.  (Her friend and my friend were somewhat exclusive and was not working out so the plan was to break-up with him at the party)  Before they left, later on that night, I asked her friend if she was 'available' and if so could I could get her details.  The response was yes and yes.  4th December 2002 we became exclusive for the next 9 years...

The First 2 years... 

I was a drug addicted and failing uni student and she was a fulltimer at Chubb.  I promised her and broke it that I would clean up my act and get through uni.  As I was self-funded, I was trying to put myself through uni by any means possible and that included, on several occasions, breaking into the Refectory and stealing food because centrelink and part time work were not enough, plus the addiction (no more Weed as of March/April 2005).

The Next 4 years... 

Very enjoyable indeed.  Walks by the lake, museums, movies, galleries, going for a cruise around town (she loved that heaps) all that lovey dovey stuff.  Talks of starting a **** and **** were already on the cards.  Uni was becoming a MAJOR ISSUE (I just couldn't anymore, it was **** with my head).  Spoke to my Course Convenor and it turned out that I could of graduated last semester (funny that).

The Last 3 years... 

Our first pregnancy was a miscarriage at 9 weeks, hit her hard and me even harder.  I guess that's where we started to have REAL ISSUES about our togetherness.  We were blessed and she fell **** again not long after the D&C which, the surgeon said she would be very fertile after the procedure.  One week before the Bon Jovi Sydney Concert, she told me that she had an affair with another guy while I was at work...  I forgave her and took her back even though she claimed that I was definitely the ****...  It was not the same after that...  arguing, shouting, even **** (I NEVER STRUCK HER BACK, JUST RESTRAINED HER FROM STRIKING ME)...  Blessed again with another pregnancy in Jan 2012 but I never saw my 2nd **** being born due to the fact that she waited till I was at work , packed up and emptied the whole house and went back to live with her dad.....

The rest of 2012...

Spent it a shattered man trying to fill my time with my work, working extra days, double shifts and yes even the triple shift just so I would not have to go back to an empty house.  The only thing she left at the house was the wash machine and she was coming back for that too.


Almost finished picking up the pieces and moving on with my life.  Looking for my new love and I think I have found her...


# 2  3/23/13 12:29 PM

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DD_67 This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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Sounds like you have gotten yourself together.  Good luck for the future

# 3  3/23/13 4:10 PM

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zaenia This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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Good luck to you.....hope it works out

# 4  5/21/13 9:23 PM

xessheat This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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I feel your pain mate Nothing kicks a man in the **** better than finding out that the love of your life is screwing some loser while you're at work. Been there
But I suppose this is how you earn your stripes in life. Sad though, cuz this experience turned me into real cynical bastard.

# 5  10/8/13 7:26 PM

Ask her for a photo
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Kelly This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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Should have proposed to her within the first two years...then you would have found out if it was real...if she hesitated or refused - you would have had a lucky escape and saved seven years of your life...i feel your pain but learn from this and dont repeat the past. Best of luck.

# 6  12/18/13 5:09 AM

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desmo This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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Had much same deal.
Mine waited 17 years.
Waited for me to go to work then started skypeing an old flame.
Found out when she did a runner to wa to see the bloke.
17 wasted years. Silly thing is I still love her.

# 7  12/18/13 8:10 AM

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JackDenials This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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Sorry to here that and welcome to the nut house the forums great and you never know your luck out there

# 8  12/18/13 9:48 AM

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RitchieRich44 This member uses the Web version of BeNaughty
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JackDenials wrote:

Sorry to here that and welcome to the nut house the forums great and you never know your luck out there

I doubt the O/P is ever going to read this, since he posted once in March. I'm sure he'd appreciate the support though.

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