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**** fantasies/Erotic writing

It has been a long day and the sun went down a long time ago. I feel tired and sluggish as I pull on the glass door to the gym knowing that I probably will not get the work out that I want. I walk over to the front desk and apathetically grab a towel which goes **** unnoticed to the sleeping guard behind the counter. He is sleeping and pretty much the only soul inside the gym so far as I can tell. My gym bag is awkwardly over my shoulder so I adjust it to be slung over my back. The clink of my boots hitting the tile echoes down a long hallway to the men’s room where I lock up my bag and feebly change into some black knee high shorts and a light blue moisture wicking T that brushes against my **** and make me aware that I am alone and so terribly ****.
    I figure that a run will rejuvenate me and so I lace up my sneakers and slink off to the Cardio room **** oblivious to what is about to happen. When I get to the Treadmill I sore my towel and a water bottle that I have no intention of drinking from on the ground. “Take it slow.” I tell myself as I exhale deeply and pick up a slow jog that brings life to the room because the Television and Radio have long since been turned off. I have been running for only about 6 minutes when you come in and take up a stair master that is directly in front of where I am trudging along. You cast one of those daring looks that we both know means trouble but in my haze I only glance and try to refocus on running. I can’t seem to shake that look, what did it mean? I am struggling with figuring out where I am when I catch a glimpse of your beautiful butt flexing on the machine that rhythmically drives your butt cheeks to flex and relax like pistons in a car. I Am finding it hard to concentrate on keeping one foot in front of the other and almost fall off what should be an easy day on the treadmill. You hear my feet fall awkwardly and glance back another devilish look knowing that you will get exactly what you want.
    It doesn’t take long for an erection to make my shorts awkwardly tighten around my thighs and butt. Reason and embarrassment are not going to win today, I need it too bad. I stop the treadmill and dismount so that I can move closer and admire the rhythmic spell you weave with your display of raw **** appeal. I smell your scent in the air and it is both sweet and intoxicating. I don’t think I am acting under my own power anymore as I stare at what I know I have to have. You look back again, encouraging me to touch and I notice that your face is flush and your eyes are teasing and luring me to do what I can’t believe is happening.
    “Hi,” Is all that you can get out as we both know that, tonight, neither of us will stop. I reach out with my right hand and hook the top of your shorts with my index finger. The electricity of physical contact ignites something in me and forces you to stop mid step. The machine is raising you up and my hand stays put which causes your shorts to slowly fall from your waist to mid thigh. I am staring at your gorgeous firm **** cheeks. You bend over letting the weight of your shorts carry them to the floor. I continue to stare as you bend forward at the waist and I drop to my knees as I marvel at you now exposed **** lips.
    Hypnotically I lean forward and take your **** into my mouth. You are wet and there is a strong smell of **** that fills my nostrils. I tongue bath your warm beauty. You squeak out a whimper as my tongue makes contact with your ****. I know that this is what you want but the cruelty in me forces me to withdraw. You turn quickly back to see me spread your **** cheeks so I can zero in on your inviting ****. My tongue flicks the area sensitive area around your hole and you shudder in my arms but I will not let you go.
    “No.” You tell me with a whisper that turns into a moan as I probe you with my moist tongue. I oblige you but not in the way you are expecting. As I rise to my feet you manage to press stop on the machine that has held you up. Grabbing the handlebars in front of you is the only thing you can manage to do as you hear my shorts fall to the floor.  We are both breathing hard but there is no noise when you feel something press against your ****. I exhale as you lean into me, impaling your **** on a rigid and warm **** that is filling you up but too dry for you to truly enjoy the sensations.
    I don’t expect you to let go with your right hand but I welcome the sight of you wiping your dripping **** and then coating my **** with your juices. I slide in easier this time but you struggle to take the full length and girth of my member. Your right hand ends up behind you gripping the bottom of my shirt and pulling me forward to increase both pleasure and pain. As I drawback I have full view of your skin that feels hot under my hands. I use my hands to **** your round **** cheeks as I press forward again this time meeting you as you push back against me.
    We have a rhythm going that is making me well up with the anticipation of a building ****. You can feel it too, but have no way to fight it as waves of **** cause your body to convulse against mine. Your **** clamps down on my **** with tremendous force that forces me to lean forward and support my weight on top of your body. There is no stopping it anymore and I explode with waves of **** that flow out of me and into your **** for what seems like forever. I can hardly breathe and you seem to be holding your breath as well and we both struggle to control the immense feeling of pleasure that has taken over our bodies. As I finish I pull back and collapse on the floor **** wasted from the intense sensations that make my skin extremely sensitive to the cold floor and you join me. We embrace on the floor and hold each other until we realize where we are and put on our clothes quickly. Nothing else is said as I slip my number into a pocket in your shorts. I leave my towel and water bottle there. Noticing that I forgot to take the items you come over and find my car keys as well. Now how will you give those back to me?

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Apr 10, 13 10:56 AM

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