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If are out to cheat on your significant other, should you put a picture of yourself out there for all to see?  A risky proposition?  If you've lived in your area a long time, someone who knows you may see your picture, read your profile, and blow (no pun intended) your cover!  Are men more likely to consider this risk than women?  I speculate the dilemna is pretty much 50/50.  I think this may be one reason why so many do not post a picture on a site they have paid hard-earned money to be on.  If they've put some real juicy stuff in their profile, stuff they want, do they think of this?  I've put my pic up then took it down a day or two later several times as paranoia sets in.  For a time I'm satisfied with the anonimity, but no action is no action!  Eventually the benefit of the picture begins to outweigh the risk and up goes the pic again.  Smart, sad, or just plain pathetic?           

Do you think alot of people feel this way about a pic on their profile? And does posting a pic dictate what is disclosed in the profile?

Feb 21, 11 9:07 PM


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