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Lately I'm thinking there's alot of folks out there who talk the talk pretty darn good.  The question is, can they walk the walk.  They put all this hot 'n' heavy stuff in their profile but is it really true?  It seems like not.  You can contact and contact, wink, etc. and most of the time you don't even get the courtesy of a thank you for noticing.  Maybe it's me.  Could it be my pic?  Or my profile?  Or even one aspect of my profile?  Who knows.  And if you don't get a response you never will know.  Just left to hang wondering what's wrong. 

I can't be the only one who thinks these things.  Do you?     

Do you think most of the people who post on these sites can talk the talk, but don't what it takes to walk the walk?

Feb 19, 11 1:13 AM


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wahnadoit Blog

Outstanding response Trish9! I think many others can learn from your expertise. And you are sooooo right to say "you have to put in the work and be patient". I think we'd all agree that males are not as patient as females for many reasons. But your words are golden and anyone on these sites would be well advised to take your advice.

2/21/11 8:28 PM

well hunni it can't be your pic as there isn't one! But as Trish said check that you meet any requirements the ladies have,.If you don't meet them,then obviously you won't get a response or if you do it will be a no thanks. Just remember if a profile looks too good to be true... then it is probably fake.

2/20/11 5:34 PM

soo very tru trish xx

2/19/11 11:16 PM

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