The Storm

The Storm

The sky grew dark as I approached you standing there on the balcony overlooking the field. The wind blew hard in several directions, which made the field of grain look like it was dancing something wild. I gently placed my hands on your shoulders and I could feel how tense you were. The incoming storm would be a severe one, we could smell the cold wet air changing rapidly. I offered to take you inside and you agreed. Once inside I could tell the storm was rattling you. As we sat down on the couch, I placed my arm around you and held you tight. Your arms engulfing my body as you held me tight. I whispered in your ear that everything would be alright.

I placed one hand on your knee and began to rub your thigh and the other hand caressed the back of your neck. With soft kisses on your lips, your neck, and your tender spot under your ear, you started to ease up. You grabbed the back of my head and we kissed deeply. My tongue finding yours, probing you further, and teasing it more. My hand slid behind you and rubbed your back and then your ****.

Our bodies moving as one, we fell back on the couch. I was on top kissing you passionately and you were holding me tight, wanting more. The sounds of the wind howling outside began to drone out as our shirts magically disappear. Since you were not wearing a bra it was easier for me to find your perky **** and take them in my mouth. Your arms wrapping over me, pulling me closer, closing your eyes....

The lights flickered off then on, then finally they stayed off. We were too deep in a passionate net to notice any of our surroundings. Lightning shot outside, thunder rumbled in the distance, but they were not heard over your moans as my lips and tongue slid down between your legs. Sliding your pants off, I found that your **** was already wet and inviting. Without hesitating, my tongue shot out, finding your sweet, sensitive areas, making you arch your back in pleasure. My tongue flicked your ****, and my fingers pranced around your now throbbing ****. Your hands grabbed my hair, and you bring me closer to your lips. In a deep kiss you managed to undo my pants and they fall to the floor. Your hand finds my raging hard **** and you begin to stroke it.

We are oblivious to the pitter patter of rain hitting the windows as we are both swallowed up in our moment of lust. I rub my **** on your soaking wet ****, up and down, as my lips explore your neck and ****. Slowly my **** slides inside you. Just a **** at first. You wrap your legs around me and pull me closer with a huge thrust, causing my **** to slide all the way inside you. You hold me hard and tight, pulling your legs closer, pulling me closer inside you.

Our bodies rock in motion, sweat beads off our heads, as we **** hard and deep. My hands exploring your body. I squeeze your **** and pinch your **** and you let out another moan. I guide one of my hands to your swollen **** and I begin to rub it. The faster I rub it, the faster your legs pull on me to **** you harder. Thunder and lightning rolled around outside, but the fire and intense passion inside was creating another storm. Without notice, your muscles flexed hard and your body began to tremble. With my **** pounding you harder and faster, it did not take long for me to feel your body trembling. A breeze of cold air washed over my body, sending tingle throughout. My **** erupted in a mountain of desire as I began to **** load after load of my hot **** deep inside you. Your body spasmed and writhed, and your legs trembled. And still my **** throbbed inside you, spilling my **** everywhere.

Our bodies collapsed in an exhausted lump. Moments later I got up and noticed it was sunny outside. The storm was gone. Checking my watch, I realized that we had **** for hours during the storm and that we didn't even notice it come through. We looked at each other and realized that we had made our own storm of extasy.

Perhaps it should storm again soon......hmmmm.....


Jun 16, 09 1:36 PM

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