Meeting Violet
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

The first meeting was to be quite brief. They had chatted quite a bit online; he said he wanted to meet with her during the day, to give her something he thought she might enjoy.


They both took a few minutes off their busy schedules and arranged to meet in a somewhat secluded spot. His instructions were: wear something that allowed easy access to her ****, and ensure her **** were hard when he arrived.


She reached the place a couple of minutes early. She felt both excitement and trepidation. Was this really a safe thing to do? She had exchanged a safe number with a friend, and told that friend exactly where she has going to be.


She wasn’t sure exactly what was in store for her, but she was reasonably sure given the instructions that it would likely only involve her ****, nothing else. This was a **** more reassuring for a first encounter, she really wasn’t sure she would want any more with a person she’d never met before, and even this was perhaps a tad too much. But still … what was the risk? She had made it clear that things were to be low key at first anyway, and she was sure he would keep things that way.


While she thought, she’d been idly touching her ****, her hand reaching up under the loose fitting sweater, rubbing them through the fabric of her bra. Easy access he had said, so she leaned forward, reached behind her, and undid the clasp. Her full **** eased forward and down slightly, now no longer being constrained by the confining garment. It always felt nice to have them freed like this, but on the other hand she was generally too self conscious and not quite happy with her size to go in public without a good, supportive bra. She slipped one of the shoulder straps down her arm, pulling it out of the sleeve, slipping it over her hand. Then she pulled the **** back in, and out the other side of her sweater. Her **** tingled as the touched the rough fabric of the sweater, and she realized her **** were not only remaining quite hard on their own, but they are craving some concentrated attention.


Just then she saw a vehicle drive up. Likely it was him. Yes, it matched what he said he would be driving. He had said to alleviate her fears he would sit in her car. He exited his. He didn’t appear to

have anything with him, although she wasn’t quite sure if something was tucked into the palm of his hand.


He looked her way, waved. Was a bit hesitant in moving until she waved back and smiled. Having seemingly satisfied himself it was her he proceeded much more confidently toward her car, rounded the passenger side, and opened the door.


“Hi Violet” he said. She smiled and greeted him in return.


He sat down, closed the door.


“Still okay with this?” he enquired, but with a devilish grin as he noticed the bra she’d thrown onto the back seat. “I’ll take that as a yes!”


“Lift your sweater” he said.


Almost without thinking she did so, already becoming somewhat lost in the moment and wanting somehow to show she ready.


“Mmm, Yes. Very nice” he said taking her in with his eyes. “Good that you have followed the instructions so well.”


“I have something for you” he said. He reached toward one of her ****, she noticed something small and shiny in his hand, somewhat flower shaped. He flexed it open a bit, placed it over her ****, and let it resume its former shape. It was quite tight on her ****, she made a slight noise.


“Too tight?” he asked?


“No, it’s okay” Violet responded. “It’s snug, but I want to leave it and feel it for now ... it’s a different feeling ….”


“They can be adjusted by working each of the petals to either loosen or tighten” he said as he fitted the second **** hugger.


Tighten, she thought? Wow …


He seemed to guess what she was thinking. “Yes, that’s right; they can be adjusted much tighter as well, when the need arises.” He had that devilish grin again.


“They can be worn under clothing, nobody else need know.”


“Now, I must go. I can’t linger today, so see how it goes wearing them for the next **** while.” He gave her **** a gentle touch where they protruded through the centre of the jewellery, stroked her **** lightly, and then pulled her sweater back down over them.


“Bye” he said, then was gone.


She decided then and there she might be wearing the huggers quite a bit. She could already feel the warm glow in her **** flowing through her ****, her tummy and suspected she was already getting damp from the sensations. Yes, she was going to enjoy this …

Sep 12, 13 7:38 PM


It's like a page from my personal diary..not to take The Whipper's words...Very Nice Style...I look forward to their next encounter...i can almost feel that **** clamp myself...

9/21/13 7:45 PM

Very Nice Style...I look forward to your next installment

9/16/13 8:30 PM

Very nice . More please

9/16/13 1:35 PM

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