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Prime minister Indira Gandhi was killed by her guards on 31-October-1984.

 If any one see the Hindi Movie INQULAB of Amitabh Bachchan In this movie One can see that how the Indira Gandhi Was Killed and after that how Amitabh Bachchan Joined the then Congress led by Rajiv Gandhi and after that how the Koya-Koya Attachi (The Name of KATROCHI) came into the picture of Bo force Guns Deals which later was caused the brought down of the government of Rajiv Gandhi.

The One day before the killing of Mrs.Indira Gandhi she delivered her message that "Mere Khoon Ka Ek-Ek Katra Naye Bharat Ka Nirman Karega" This statement can be found the Hindi Movie "MUKADAR KA SIKANDAR" again of AMITABH BACHCHAN.

Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed on 21/05/1991.

The Killing of Rajiv Gandhi can be found In the Hindi Movie HUM again of AMITABH BACHCHAN. In this very movie we can see how the Bo force Guns was purchased and how a Human Bomb Killed the Rajiv Gandhi at the time of his election campaign. Also in this movie Sonia Gandhi was kept away on the day of killing of Rajiv Gandhi (How :- ) In the year 1986 the then President of Russia Mr.Mikhail Gorbachev Visited India at the time of his departure Sonia Gandhi Delivered him a good by kiss, This was on 28-11-1986 the day was Friday In Urdu We called this day (FRIDAY) as Jumma. Amitabh bachchan sang a song In this Hindi Movie "Are O Jumma Meri Janeman Bahar Nikal Aaj Jumma Hai, Jumme Ke Din Kiya Chumme Ka Vada" this song kept away the Sonia Gandhi from going with Rajiv Gandhi for Election Campaign. And The News came that Rajiv Gandhi Has Been Killed by a Hum-an Bomb of LTTE (Aao Bachchon Aaj Main Tumhein Ek Kahani Sunata Hoon Sher Ki Kahani Sunoge)  Sher Stands for LION Or Tiger the same LTTE ( LTTE Stands for Liberation Tiger Of Tamil Elam).


There are some more movies are there which can be cut with these two movies and can make a single movie which describes some more international political and terrorists activities. 

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