Damaged ****
Life and Society

What do you think of when someone says the word "****"? If you were to ask 100 people that question you would get a laugh every time. For some reason just walking up to someone and saying the word ****, makes them blush, giggle, and shy away. Why?

Our parents are just one of the many links in a very, very long repetitive chain. Most of us have been taught that **** is not something that should be talked about openly, even though we ALL at some point in our lives do it. It's almost like saying the word "bomb" in an airport!! Lol and even that is becoming ho hum....

Over a few thousand years **** and human **** has become a secret society. Parallel to it is human interaction, the act of simple human kindness, generosity, and the list is endless. Meanwhile stress, anger, frustration, crime, and again an endless list, is getting more and more common place. Sometime when your bored, sit down and make a list of good human traits and make a second list of bad human traits. Now try to make a connection between **** and each trait on the lists. You will find that being open with our **** promotes most of the good traits and its absence the opposite. So if our government, churches and people in charge want us to be happy and healthy, like they say? Why do they not promote ****?

**** is not the enemy and affection should not be hidden from view. Each new generation thinks that they have invented ****. They can't imagine  their parents ever having ****, even though the proof is in their existence...still they cringe and get sick at the thought of "**** and dad" ****! The sad part is that they dont get sick at the thought of them getting a divorce. The fighting and **** "you's" don't get a second thought in most homes.  We as a society become numb to "the norm", the things we hear and see everyday. It is truly sad that divorce, domestic abuse and infidelities have become the norm. It is so normal that we dont think its a big deal anymore and the problem just keeps getting bigger. But yet no one wants to talk about the real cause.

So its now not surprising people act like small shy ignorant **** when being involved in a conversation about "****"

Desire, lust, and human **** are perfectly natural components of being human and these needs must be met, or we become unhappy unhealthy people.


There is yet another side to the damage we are allowing our society to do to us.

The type of **** most people are having. But that is another day....


Please go out and test this therory and let me know what happens!! Josephine dark

Nov 1, 09 8:38 AM


You think that makes them giggle, say the word ****! See how many people will repeat the word to you. I think the men will if asked by a woman.

11/6/13 3:39 PM

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