Naughty Girls Get **** Part 2
**** fantasies/Erotic writing




The polished wood of the hairbrush meets the tight satin of your panties, first one cheek then the other. You moan like a girl in heat as your bottom **** up and down sluttishly. The lace-edged pillows feel so good against your pantie-covered ****, but you wish it was my warm, strong thighs beneath you. I tower over you, dressed in tight black jeans and opened white shirt. I roll up the sleeves slowly and carefully as you watch apprehensively.




My hairbrush smacks your panties with a devilish variety in rhythm and intensity, never letting you anticipate or adapt. Your hands spasmodically clutch the sheets, in time to the beat of the hairbrush, and your bottom heaves and plunges so suggestively. A slight smile curls my mouth as you humiliate yourself so **** before me. 'What a pretty sight', I think.


SMACK SMACK -'Who owns you, girl?'


'You do, Master'- you mumble, your words muffled by the pantie-gag.


SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK- 'I can't hear you. Speak up, girl.'


'OOOOHH' you shriek, 'YOU DO.' Your voice sounds so high and sweetly girlish.


'That's better' I breathe 'There's no point in being shy with me. Turn your head towards me, girl- I want to see your pretty **** face as I smack your bottom.'


SMACK Ooooh SMACK Oooooh SMACK Aaaah, pleaase no...


'You were a bad girl this morning, weren't you?'


'I'm so sorry, i didn't mean to...'




'Ooow, ooow, please no more...'


'And you know what happens to bad girls, don't you?




'They get their naughty bottoms smacked, don't they?'


You nod miserably- you feel so ashamed. Your soft eyes are full of tears already.




I spank the soft skin framed by the lace tops of your ****-white stockings and the pink frill of the pantie hem, then trace a finger up a straining garter to your garter-belt. 'So pretty, girl, so feminine.'


smack smack smack smack smack


'How's that, ****? Some **** spanks for my pretty girl.'


smack smack smack smack smack smack smack


You moan softly and roll your bottom suggestively.


'Do you like the taste of those panties, ****? The ones you made so damp? You do? Well, let me hear you **** on them.'




'Good girl. By the time this spanking is over, I expect them to be nice and clean,' I say lightly.


... To Be Continued

Oct 31, 13 3:50 PM


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