bad girl
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

I am totally intrigued by a beautiful

woman who is sexually insatiable, and

would love to intensify and encourage

her lustful desires. I would love to

watch/participate in threesomes
with a "good girl" who wants to be

"bad".  I am VERY talented orally and

excites me to arouse a woman to the

point that she looses ALL inhibitions. I

will encourage her secret desire to
be a ****, and she will know that the

more she needs ****, the more I am

aroused.  She must be an attractive

"good girl" who wants do things she had

previously only fantasized about and she

will be excited that I use her ****

weaknesses to increase her desires to

need and will encourage her to fulfill

every fantasy.  I will tease her gently

with my toung until she begs and  i will

enjoy the silky feel of her wet and

stretched vagina
after she has been 'bad' for me. She

will love that she is encouraged to

tease, and will be aroused by knowing

how it excites me to watch her respond

to the touch of
other men and/or women. She will be

teased and kept on the very edge of

**** until she is driven insane with

desire.  I desire an attractive, woman

who is an incurable flirt, loves to

tease, and is ready for the forbidden

**** that is adictively intense.
Soooooo..... are you wet? LOL......  If

so, reply with seductive photo and say

why you are be the woman I seek!  In my

opinion, there is no such thing as a

"****"....  (Although I do love the way

that word sounds in a momement of

intense ****.)  **** is a word used

by repressed woman who are secretly

jealous of the woman who has the 

ability to drive men wild and enjoys

doing exactly that!  Are you that woman?

 Respond in a way that will do to me

what this letter has done to you!   

  We'll find out!

Apr 6, 11 6:10 PM


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