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You have been like this for god knows how long.....The gag stretching your jaw, filling your mouth.....The hood blocking out all light and sound.....Your hands pulled tightly upward to the beam in his ceiling....Your legs held apart by he bar between your ankles....

You fell a cool breeze against your skin and your **** harden he finally going to touch you ......your body yearns for the sweet release you know he can provide....

You groan in frustration as you feel him brush against you. He presses himself against your hip as he reaches to fondle your ****. You feel his breath on your cheek and hear"somebody,s awfully eager tonight.". You nod your head hoping your admission will get him to do more than just tease you.Your pulse quickens as you feel him cupyour asscheek with his other hand. He squeezes and kneads , you wantonly press yourself back against him.his hand releases your nippile and you feel him searching for something. suddenly you feel a cold sticky sensation oozing between your asscheeks and his fingers begin to explore . Again you show your need by pressing backward and two fingers slip inside. Your mind is rebelling as you were a **** there before this . His fingers wiggle and **** in and out . his free hand clutches you by the throat and you hear " Time to loose that cherry **** one".He nibbles your neck and shoulder as his fingers quicken their pace,now three are burried deep in you.Suddenly you feel a pressure you never felt before, A hardness begins to invade your rosebud.You struggle uncontrollably and he laughs"Too late for that now ****.....your **** belongs to me now". The **** is push deep inside and then he begins a steady rythm and and out..driving you wild . You find your hips matchiong the rythm, your screams turn to moans ....your shouting into the gag for more.....suddenly he burries the **** deep inside you feel a series of straps fastened and find you cant force it out ....his voice comes stearnly into your ear....." This will keep you occupied for the timebeing, I will be back later to replace that toy with my ****. After im satisifed we will continue with your training. I hope your ready because there is no going back now . You will learn to be my obedient **** **** slave"

Again you feel the breeze as the door opens  and he leaves you alone again. Your mind races with all that has happened today.As you look back over the last few hours you fell the monster in you **** come to life, begining to wiggle and vibrate. You silently say a prayer hoping this will take you over the edge.


Your mind is a fog of pre orgasmic bliss, your breathing ragged and labored, your **** soaked. You never feel him enter the room . Suddenly he is removing the toy tat has tormented your for so long. A groan escapes your gagged lips. He chuckles"Tinme for your first **** **** as my slave". No preliminaries, no tease. he enters you hard from behind. Your amazed at his thickness and even more amazed that your **** swallowed him so easily. You feel your body respond to his ****, you **** pushes back, your cheecks felx around his tool as he saws relentlesly back and forth.the **** is comming and you cant stop it . it blossoms in your belly and you feel the warmth spread upward , your **** harden, your **** swell, you fell your mouth suckle at the **** gag that has been burried there all day.You begin to push and rock your hips harder with each thrust, matching his spedd ,wanting to give him the best **** of his life.

The **** flows over you like a wave on the beach, nothing you can do to stop it so you ride along with it .....ashis semi limp **** slides from your **** you wonder what the rest of the weekend holds for you and you realise that it no longer will obediently do anything for this man ....your owner.....YOUR MASTER

Its been a whirlwind week, selling everything you own at his direction, preparing to move to him and become his fulltime toy.Your body aches for his touch and your mind wanders back to the lat time you were together........

He greeted you at the baggage carousel and helped you get a cart fro your luggage. Once you loaded your bags you looked up and he was walking away , as you huuried to keep up  he turned back to you and said"Its good that you've dressed propelry but you need to keep pace if you do not want to be left behind. If you've been prcticing walking in those shoes as directed you should be able to stay next to me". He turns and continues to walk....not overly fats but not slowly either, as if testing you.When you reach his vehicle you notice that it is a large red suv with blacked out rear windows. He helps you put your bags in and then, out of nowhere , he gags you....telling you "this is going to be your life , getused to it." He proceeds to trap your arms into a tight leather armbinder , your mind races as other people walk past...can they see what he is doing to me , what i want him to do to smile around the he removes your halter top and your shiver in just your bra and stockings, your no longer allowed to wear panties without permission....his hand cups yuour **** and you feel the cool gel lube being rubbed deep into you......right there in front of god and everybody you, bound helpless and gagged , watch him lubricate the thickest **** youve ever seen .....its attached to a leather harness...your mouth screams no through the gag but your body wants spread your legs without having to be told.....he burries that monster deep inside your dripping ****....when he is done fastening the straps it looks from the outside as if your wearing leather panties....he lifts you into the back of the suv and ith a few more straps your secured for the ride, body .legs and feet strapped down flat. he gently secures a tight leather hood in place and your cut off from the world.

You feel the car begin to move and then the monster comes to life....its lible to be a long smile and suckle on the gag.


You must have drifted off to sleep , good thing you are strapped down as the vehicle stopping wakes you with a jolt.

Two sets of hands pull you frm the car.....wiat two sets ...whats he got in store for me now.

Your led by the **** and you hear begin to struggle and all that gets you is three hard wacks on the **** while a set of hands holds you up by your already sore ****. Your moved into position and feel your ankles being wrapped with what you hope are laether cuffs...your soaked **** is on display again as the gigglers secure your legs **** apart and remove the monster from your puss.The armbindrer is removed and you realise your arms are useless till the blood flow returns.your hands are wrapped as your ankles and stretched **** apart high above you .you hear the crank of the wench clicking each new level as your pulled up by your arms. this continues till all that stops you is your feet pulling the other way.You still have no idea where you are . Suddenly you fell a body pressed against your back , soft skin and curves ...almost fem like....your breath catches in your throat as you fell a large pair of **** press against your back is a woman( at leats that explains the giggling) feel her slide down your bbody ....her hands on your legs.....her hair brushes your **** tense as her tounge worms its way in between your asscheeks....her hand spread your cheeks and her toungue find its mark...your so worked up from that vibrating monster you have an instant ****...shaking and shuddering as her toungue works its way in and out lower....lower...lower till ist at you sopping wold gladly push back against that talented mouth but stretched as you are you can only hang and go along for the ride. You howl out your **** following the other thyat toungue never ltting up ...your **** then your puss and back and forth and over and over....merciflly afetr you have no idea how long you pass out.

later when you awake ...your still hanging shoulder are sore and stretched have no idea where he is.....deep inside you trust that he is around and ready to take care of you when nesessary.

Sep 11, 13 2:06 PM


This will be our last conversation via this site.If you can not do something as simple as follow direction then you may not be what I am looking for .


itis a s simple as that.

10/8/13 12:25 PM

I want to hear you tell me again...l like it when you tell me ...the strong words...the control in your voice...that turns me turn me on...K

10/6/13 1:41 AM

Reply to kosgo
find me on ****

i have already tol;d you how

10/3/13 11:43 AM

you make me want to just turn over and bare my belly to you...just tell me what you want me to do...Kellee

10/3/13 6:25 AM

Reply to kosgo
Keep up with the story and youll see what she sells next
or come find me at rasmit0000
if you ...............****

and we can have a private chat ......maybe someday it will be you with a hard **** up her **** begging for more.

10/2/13 8:09 PM

I love the way you brought her 360 degree around to the dark side , your descriptions are very hot only question how is...Is she going to continue seling Avon door to door?...Kellee

10/1/13 11:43 PM

Reply to kosgo
new update .....the story goes on

10/1/13 5:53 PM

your not going to just leave me hanging here? Was that the end?...Does she finally become the obedient **** **** slave? are a tease...

9/21/13 5:13 AM

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