More Wonderings

I am seriously begining to wonder if the women on this site can read ....or should I say comprehend....

It is very clearly stated in my profile " Read my Blog if you wish to contact me" can someone not understand that.

The only other conclusion I can draw is that this site is full of fakes.....I really hope that is not true.

Aug 30, 13 6:12 PM


If I had to put a number on it, I would say that at least 50% of the female profiles on this site are fakes. You can tell if you get responses from fake profiles because they all read the same. If you suspect you're being duped by a fake, ask "her" for some details about the town she "lives" in, like the **** hamburger joint over on 3rd and Walnut, especially if such a place doesn't exist. "Her" answer, or lack of an answer, pretty much confirms your suspicion because they know nothing about their "home town." Recently, I **** two profiles, from the same town, sending me messages that were nearly identical. I called them on it. Both profiles are now gone. You'll also notice a significant increase in activity on your profile a few days before your renewal is up. Coincidence? Hardly.

8/31/13 4:42 PM

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