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I love the sound a woman makes just before she comes.The way her breath catches in her throat.This pleading sound is accentuated by a gag...muffeling her cries...something about that sound makes my **** hard. Feeling her squirm under me as i slowly tease and play with her helpless bound body. There is something exsillarating( hope i spelled that correctly) about having some one trust you enough to give themselfs to you for whatever you want....for as long as you want....something about being given complete controll.

Just some thoughts....let me know what you think....rasmit0000...****!!!!!!!!

Aug 29, 13 8:24 PM


I Love a Lady, I love women.So I treat all women like a Lady.Where would us men be without the love and support of a good woman, because a woman is the best thing God ever created for man. Show me a good man, a successful man, and I will show you a good woman beside him. If we men did not have the memories of our past loves and all the good women that have graced our lives, what would we be?The memories of the girls I loved and made all night love to, without VIAGRA when I was young make me smile. When I day dream now of the women in my life I did not hold on to and marry, I wonder if all the money I made, the business's I had, the performing music in front of thousands of people was worth the Loves I lost." No"

8/30/13 1:38 PM

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