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My Profile

I dont understand why I am still getting chat requests and mail.....It is very clear in my profile ...look at my blogs for contact there anyone out there that can read????????


Sep 19, 13 5:37 PM | (2)

My MInd

You have been like this for god knows how long.....The gag stretching your jaw, filling your mouth.....The hood blocking out all light and sound.....Your hands pulled tightly upward to the beam in his ceiling....Your legs held apart by he bar between your ankles....

You fell a cool breeze against your skin and your **** harden he finally going to touch you ......your body yearns for the sweet release you know he can provide....

You groan in frustration as you...


Sep 11, 13 2:06 PM | (8)

The Holiday Weekend

It was a great weekend ..started with drinks and **** friday night ( or was it **** and drinks?) and ended with late monday in a hotel room. What could be better than a hot wet squirming hottie, great roomservice, long hot sweatty  afternoons and the worn out freshly **** look in her eyes  when i finally got dressed to leave. Too bad i dont have her number, round two would be so much more fun.

Sep 4, 13 5:58 PM | (0)

More Wonderings

I am seriously begining to wonder if the women on this site can read ....or should I say comprehend....

It is very clearly stated in my profile " Read my Blog if you wish to contact me" can someone not understand that.

The only other conclusion I can draw is that this site is full of fakes.....I really hope that is not true.

Aug 30, 13 6:12 PM | (1)

Naughty Thoughts

I love the sound a woman makes just before she comes.The way her breath catches in her throat.This pleading sound is accentuated by a gag...muffeling her cries...something about that sound makes my **** hard. Feeling her squirm under me as i slowly tease and play with her helpless bound body. There is something exsillarating( hope i spelled that correctly) about having some one trust you enough to give...


Aug 29, 13 8:24 PM | (1)


I am begining to wonder about this it like so many others ......please somebody prove me wrong.

Aug 27, 13 4:44 PM | (0)


I should have said this earlier ...silly me....I am looking for a long term relationship....if we click and things workout I will expect you to relocate to me. I am a big fan of **** , leather, rubber and all forms of **** **** clothing so before you contact me be aware that I will expect you to be able and willing to dress the part. Clothing will be provided for the right young lady. 4" heels and stockings wil be manditory at all times when you are with me matter where we are...


Aug 19, 13 9:02 PM | (0)

Just Rambling

I think it only fair to tell you ...upfront....that I am a very dominant personality. I strive for excellence in all aspects of my life and expect the same from my playmates. If I decide to play with you it will be under my rules......that being said...I will always have your health and safety at the front of my mind> I am not here to abuse women but will not hesitate to punnish a disrespectful or diobedient young lady. I am not a full member so if you want to reach me try...


Aug 19, 13 8:52 PM | (0)

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