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I am just an ordinary guy, no super powers whatsoever. Life has been normal to me, Girls dont fall for me in the first sight. Rather i have accepted that they wont fall for me even if i try. It has been 3-4 days since i have joined this site. I have tried flirting like never before. I had a love story that had been a real mess in the end that i had to go into a shell to protect myself from the hurt. Now I outgrow the hurt and try to come out of my shell and nobody responds here. I wonder sometimes the girls are real or not. A guy is down on his knees and begging you and you kick him in his part. It hurts worse than an heartbreak. But the search is on and continues. I just hope the money i paid for the platinum membership doesnt go waste.

Apr 1, 11 8:10 PM


your not the only one bud. keep that chin up you'll find it.

3/28/14 5:30 AM

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