free members, and can't reply?
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I haven't figured this site out yet...

You can send free Ice Breaker emails to anyone, but unless they are a paying member, they can't read them.  Got that.  stinks, but I get it...

Free members can't text.  Got that too.

Here's what I really want to know...  If the screen name shows on line, but when you try to chat it tells you they are off line, does that just mean they are free members, and can't reply?

Tbone wants 2 know...

Dec 14, 10 7:31 PM

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Reply to James_Bondage_

Sorry J_B I can't help you there mate. I paid with a credit card but I can tell you that I suffered a similar situation! I decided to cancel my membership for a month or two (I was paying monthly) I got the cancellation code sent to me in an email, I went through the cancellation process and a few days later discovered that I had been charged for another month! Well I wasn't very happy and wrote an email to benaughty asking for an explanation, and guess what, I never got a reply back from them! So at the end of the month I went through the whole cancellation process again, and guess what, it happened again!!!! I have since discovered that they charge per 30 day cycle and both of the months that I tried to cancel had 31 days (I had cancelled on the 31st both times) The lesson to be learnt in my case is to take very close notice of the date that they say a membership will end on and cancel at least two days in advance.

12/31/10 9:45 PM

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Reply to smartarse

Part 1
When I first joined I took advantage of a 3 day trial which cost me $4.99 (Aus), I didn't load a photo but was pleasantly surprised at the success I had. I hit it off almost immediately with 2 different women in chat (literally the 1st and 2nd ladies that I initiated chat with when their pop-ups came up on screen). One of them I discovered lived in a different state than she had listed on her profile, but her and I still chatted for at least a few hours and then on and off over the next two days of my trial period. I told her that I was only there for a three day trial and we swapped IM ID's and we have become good friends, even though we have never met! The other woman connected with me really well also (I was literally chatting to them both at the same for the first three hours). During my conversation with this second woman I suggested that since we were hitting it off so well that maybe we should meet (she is an unhappily married woman) and she agreed and we made arrangements to meet at a cafe. We met exactly as we had planned and we had coffee and then went and sat on a park bench and fooled around (kissing and hugging, and she let me play with her ample ****).

12/31/10 9:19 PM

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Reply to smartyarse

Part 2
We went on a few more dates and one was a picnic in a park. We picked a secluded spot and we fooled around again (every now and then getting sprung by people walking their dogs) with me once again fondling her **** with her t-shirt on (I also slid my hand down inside her jeans and played with her very wet ****) and then she lifted her t-shirt, she lay on her front and I undid her bra and gave her a back **** (occasionally reaching around and squeezing her hanging ****). This is all very important foreplay to get women in the mood! When I finished she turned around and we layed next to each other and she whispered "I wanna **** you!" So a few days later she invited me over to her house (when her husband was at work) we started with a bit of kissing and cuddling and then she led me to the sofa and I unzipped my pants and she gave me head and then she said "my turn" and then I followed her to the bedroom (still with my pants down around my knees and my **** in hand) and we finished undressing each other and then she got on top (she was so wet that I had to use tissues to mop up her juices that were forming a big puddle on my tummy. We then continued to **** for the next hour or so, changing positions from cowgirl, missionary, deep stick, reverse cowgirl and then **** style. We had **** a couple of more times over the next few weeks (unfortunately her hubby lost his job and he was at home all the time thus preventing us from meeting for more ****) and since then her and I have become good friends and I still catch up with her when she is free (unfortunately no more **** from her though).
I hope this real story convinces you that this site does work and real people do meet up with each other! Oh and to tbone this woman that I hooked up with is the friend I referred to in my previous reply to you that chatted to ten men at a time!

12/31/10 9:17 PM

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Reply to tbone5262

Don't ever fall for that trick tbone, these women are just ****!!! Delete and block them!!!! When you are in bn look up their profiles and report them!!! Benaughty does not want these women on their website and now has a reward scheme for people that actively report ****.

12/31/10 1:11 AM

Reply to Ajay3870

Season's Greetings, Everyone

I am recently new to BN and Flirt, and to experiencing the Corporate Umbrella, Dating Biz, Inc. I believe this site can work wonderfully, so much so that I sent a Postal Money Order to the address given on the site - and the Canada Post parcel tracking system says my money order was received and signed for by someone with the initials JJP on Dec 13th. But BN cant find it, and wont tell me who JJP is. I have had correspondence with someone named Julia and someone named Stepahanie. I took pics of the receipts for both the money order and the courier info with the tracking # on it, proving everything: what was shipped and for how much, and to where it was all shipped - and who signed for it. . . and now no one's getting back to me. Good thing I didnt send more than one month's worth of money.

Any suggestions / advice?


12/26/10 12:09 PM

Reply to smartyarse
Yep. Free...

So many women have aked to chat only to get me to chat on **** and exchange picutres... Then they send a link to some webcam / **** site that requires a CC. "Just to verify your age" is what they say, but it's really just to get your money.

12/24/10 4:06 PM

when it says its free to join it means its free to fill out the online membership and profile form.

the idea that there are **** on here that want **** as much as men entices us in. bn plays on our weaknesses....a prettty face

its a business that is set up to make money. simple as that that.

12/18/10 5:07 PM

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You're welcome!

Yep! Green **** means they are active in chat and a red **** means they are not!
When you initiate chat with someone and a chat window opens, go to "more" in the lower right hand side of the chat window (there is a drop down menu) and click on "add to friends", in no time you will start to build a list of women that you like to chat to. If you see someone new come up on your screen as a pop-up, it is easier to add them first even if you don'**** to them straight away! If you decide later that you no longer want to have that person in your friends list, just click on their name and click on the "****" to delete them! By the way, there is usually heaps more guys on this site than there are women (even though women can get to use all the features of the site for free) so therefore women can get very busy in chat (a female friend of mine told me once that she quite frequently has at least 10 guys on the go in chat at one time) and may not respond to you straight away

12/17/10 7:22 PM

Reply to Ajay3870
Thanks AJ.

I sent real emails. And A couple of breakers.

I have seen the **** green dots next to their screen names, but didn't know what it was. Haven't seen the red.

What's red mean? Signed out of chat?

12/15/10 6:12 AM

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Are you only sending "Icebreakers to women? All straight women (not couples) get free membership and so therefore they are able to use chat and are able to read icebreakers and reply to mail from guys! Most women hate the "Icebreakers" and will just ignore them (most new members who think they are normal mail will usually read them)
Now to the subject of "Online Status" It means that they are online but not in chat! You don't automatically get signed into chat when you log on but if you see someone's pop-up notification you can initiate chat with them. You will also find that in advanced chat that there seems to be a delay (around 6 or 7 minutes) between when people sign in or out and when their status light turns red or green. If you open a chat window and it says that they are offline, just write an offline message to them and send it! If they are still online they will see a pop-up with your message on it, and if they like what you wrote, then they may reply to you! If you want to know who's in chat, goto "Chatting now" option.

ps Refresh your pages frequently to get the latest status conditions.

12/15/10 4:50 AM

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