Why must it be so hard to obtain love? I have enjoyed every part of **** that can be imagined. There hasn't been a position, a **** or an act I can honestly say I would not indulge in again. I have searched for so long but have yet to find a man that can truly make me feel loved for more than a moment. Is Love real? Has anyone really achieved a total sense of mutual love? I am reaching a stage in my life that I can not see that this will be something I myself will ever experience. But I also look at how many people are on this sight & it all but confirms my theory that love is unobtainable. I have met so many men & women on this site, in person, in my profession that have also assisted in my diagnosis of empty hearts! I have found love to be one sided more times than not. Does anyone know how to determine when love is real? When it is mutual?How to find this soul mate? I am ready to give up yet it is something I have yearned for my entire life!  Any suggestions? Any hope?

Aug 30, 10 10:11 PM


i am so gutted that you have left the site.
we used to chat like mad. you in the states and me here. im so sorry we will not continue like that because of your decision but i want you to know that im always available for you to call on.
remember what i told you about yourself.do not forget that and find me because i'll be waiting.

9/15/10 4:16 PM

Reply to crack7798

Thank you so very much that is very wise of you. I do believe what you have said to be true & I will continue to dream!!! xoxo

9/15/10 4:20 AM

Reply to kissmedeeply2

I will do that now! BTW Great profile Pic!!!

9/14/10 1:43 AM

Reply to norman06

Norman Thank you very much for the compliment! You are correct I am an attention Junkie I hunger for it & I believe I need it to flourish. But My most sought after desire is to feel the over whelming intensity of true love, To find a man that can make me feel my heart is whole for the first time. To love me above all others & love me as I will him. I would be more than happy to talk with you to see if you are the man that could feel that hole in my heart!!! XOXO

9/5/10 6:31 PM

@ Vet05~~ I am so sorry that I deleted your comment it was purely accidental! Thank you for claiming My heart as yours it was a very generous offer. You are most definitely a King to rescue a damsel in distress! Your dreams will someday come true because you are a very giving & loving MAN. Do not let any others belittle your self worth!!! You will remain in my heart always

9/5/10 11:40 AM

Reply to norman06

@ Norman~~ I appreciate your insight on the matters of Love & the many different paths that it can take. I have to say I believe that you can connect to an other's soul with out having that complete intensity of a lifetime of love. I also believe that other's can feel that connection to your soul yet not love you the way you would hope. Love is the most complicated yet sought after emotion we all seek. I will continue to remain open to that final connection & hope that the God's finaly decide that I am deserving of My soul mate, true love & best friend.

I also hope for you that the third time truly is a charm & you find your last true love to remain with you throughout eternity! xoxo Sybill

9/5/10 11:30 AM

Reply to jshie1371

I will really have to think about your statement! I have truly mixed emotions on the so many different levels that it opens up! Thank you for your response & for the depth of your statement! xoxo Sybill

9/5/10 11:20 AM

Reply to luvemcuddly42

Your answer to the my blog was very insightful, encouraging, & inspiring! I have to say thank you so much for reminding me of what love can be. Your relationship with your wife is more than enviable. The mutual love you have for each other is beautiful but what I admire greatly is your connection & depth of one another's needs. To know your love for each other is so strong & secure that you can be open & honest about your desires & the needs, I am in awe of what you have accomplished nourishing! I hope to some day find that mutual, soul connecting love that the two of you share!

Thank you so much for reaching out to help a lost soul! XOXO Sybill

9/5/10 11:16 AM

Reply to parider38

@ parider~ I will not be giving up. I will continue to long for what my heart seems unable to feel.I am learning as I go that, just because the love that is given to me isn't what I wanted doesn't mean it isn't love! I also know now what I am not looking for in a relationship. So now that I am armored with more wisdom than before I will continue on with an open heart! Thank you for all your thoughtful encouragement & I look forward to a continued exchange! XOXO "My Protector" & thank you for the Blog you honored me with! xoxo Sybill

9/5/10 11:13 AM

Oh the big questions
Love is real. Hard to find and harder to keep , but it is real.
It also takes a changing form.

I am married 10 years at the end of the month, I love my wife as much as the day we wed. So why am I on BN (we both are) Well as much as we love each other we are not foolish enough to think we can recieve the same intenisity we once felt. Yep love is an ever changing ****.
Love is not the "honeymoon period", and the intense emotions that come with it. Lets face it though , that honeymoon period is addictive, thats one reason my wife and i are on BN.
Love is deeper. Much like a premium Red Wine. A new release is fresh and vibrant, however take the time to cellar that wine and nurture it in the right conditions and years later whilst that intenisity may have gone, the complexity and the warm subtleties add up to something far greater than at its infancy.
The trick is, having found a mutually suitable person, to then commit, to commit to the effort it takes, the ups and downs that always come and most of all seek more than lust and the honeymoon period.
I know I want to grow old with my wife, sure we seek enjoyment in the arms of others, yet it is each other to whom we can fully be ourselves and surrender.

As for finding ones soulmate! Well in my case I had given up, had infact decided to myself it was not going to happen. The moment I stop trying, I met a wonderful women with the intention of physical company only. It was from there, that one day I awoke to the realisation I was in love and now all these years later I still am.

9/1/10 6:28 AM

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