ok. So my 19 year old co-worker wants to **** me. Mind you he is good looking and all. But i will be 27 on monday the 29th. What should i do? Should i take him up on his offer? He claims he could teach me a thing or two. Lol! I bet i would be doing all the teaching. what do all of you think? Advice please. Mind you i don't **** that often. Hehe!

Jun 25, 09 7:24 PM

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What a tasty dilemma.

How much do you trust him? Is he discrete - or will he end up bragging like albo said.

A fit 19 year old should be able to go all night. He might be good, or willing to learn, but it really depends how sensual and open to new ideas he is. Give him some strawberries or chocolate. Does he play with his food or just throw down his throat? Does he use his tongue, hit lips - does he turn you on. If he is going to fast - suggest that he slows down. Ah food and **** - such a great mix

If he is sensual and willing to learn - well go for it. Eight years is not too big a gap.

Get back to him quickly and your birthday could go with a bang!

6/25/09 9:42 PM

do it do it, if you dont **** all that oftern what are you waiting for ha

6/25/09 8:32 PM

Ask him for a photo
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albo09 Blog

well it depends on wether your a career girl or not , cos sure as eggs is eggs when it goes **** up he is gunna tell all ,as you say he is 19 very flattering , but wouldnt you brag to your mates at his age ,and he is gunna want a rise and promotion , excuse the pun ,look if didnt work with him great **** is brains out but ,in work you might just be his **** trophy ,i speak from experience, lost my job through a **** that wasnt even worth it,at the end of the day ,you got him dangling play it flirt for all your worth ,get him running errands , your **** joey , but cross the line at your peril, i mean **** on plenty on here will fill that void so your choice **** or bust , good luck

6/25/09 8:03 PM

My birthday too, many happys returns. Go for it hun **** him bandy, that will teach him

6/25/09 7:34 PM

Life's worth living but the company is a harsh mistress. Discretion is the watchword here. I can see why he would like to enjoy your favours but I'd make sure you were the boss in this situation.

6/25/09 7:32 PM

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