ahhh ****!!

Finally got ****. but alas it was only a quickie. We **** for 15. min. he came then he put his clothes back on and left. Damn I forgot how big his **** is! He is still the best lover I have ever had. Last week he came over and I gave him head. he exploded all over my face. I loved it. His **** always tastes so good. We are going to try to meet up on thursday so that I can finally get off. He has gotten off twice now. So thurs. is my turn. Oh can't wait for him to taste my yummy juices again. We havent **** for over a year. it felt good to have him inside me again. even if it was only for 15 min.

Jun 2, 09 11:51 PM


Reply to ADSR

Yeah, the blog section rocks. Love, Friendship, **** and all others. Great place full of wonderful people.

U r gr8 blogger too, so keep it coming. Spread the love in the Air. The world desperately needs it.

6/6/09 5:48 PM

Ask him for a photo
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Reply to Jack_Night
You said it allot better than me mate... I feel the love in this blog Great place... **** talk and love

Best a blog can get xx
Kisses? they were meant for the young lady mate not you lol

6/4/09 3:33 PM

You are so sweet to think of him in such depth. You are a wonderful friend and would want you to be in my the friendship list. I hope your friend realise your strength of character in time.

best wishes


6/4/09 8:02 AM

Ask him for a photo
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Well that interesting, but i can do better than that . BEcause i have big **** and i know how to use it wisely.. You will love it..you just try me .. Reply to ADSR

6/3/09 3:22 PM

Ask him for a photo
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Awww Summergirl xx
That is so sweet, I really hope that you can re-find that connection and that next time the connection is returned with much more personal solitude and love ****
& I can relate to you about friends too, I often find myself missing out on things so my friends can enjoy themselves - I even do it on here... & it shows how amazing a person can be, I mean to feel the feelings we do, to have the self important thoughts everyday, & live in a world that is dog eat dog for success... But still be able to look past ourselves at moments that hurt us and consider others instead, like you did at the end there, seriously that is amazing ****
& when you say things like that it makes me want to be your friend & send you a kiss................ I think you are wonderful, even though I don't know you ****

Thank you for explaining the situation in more depth xx

6/3/09 12:09 PM

This man is one of my best friends. well he won't be as of june 27th. Thats when he marries her. Now Men have majority been the most of my friends. I'm not the type to date my friends. We connected and it just happened. We hooked up for 2.5 years. we weren't exclusive. But he was who I prefered. He knew everything about me. And he was the best ****. to this day he is the only man to make me **** more than once. Now there is something you should know about me. I am very protective of those in my life. My friends are the most important to me. So now he is going to marry a woman who treats him like ****. I want him to be happy. weather it is with me or someone else. I do not want him with her cause she is a ****. He deserves better. I am saying this from a friend standpoint. I mean that. You people don't know me. But Like I said my friends are my life. they are who matter. All of my friends deserve the best in life. Men and women. Its just who I am.

6/3/09 6:32 AM

Interesting !!!

Finally a blog from women who thinks size is not everything. I mean imagine, a fireman's hose which can not **** when fire is at hand. How long is the Hose, does it matter in this instance. LOL.
Then again, imagine a hose that can **** hard and fast but just cannot REACH. Tragedy..

My point - the story is not just about the Hose and Hole. **** is not just physical, its in the Mind as well. Combine the two and you have a spectacle called ****.

So, did you had one ?


6/3/09 6:24 AM

Ask him for a photo
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Reply to sumsummergirl
It is just how it reads, I mean there are allot of aspects to **** that are slightly ambiguous and hard to define; and those feeling are not simply thought up as fact since the idea of their existence within our mind is not a fact that we automatically group as information... feelings are not a directly informative device that is used in a otherwise standard thought pattern.

So although i get what you mean now - I think.... The point is lost within the talk of big **** and **** time.... I am guessing you meant the connection you felt was the best you have had.

6/3/09 4:10 AM

he is the best **** that you have ever had? huh. you met up twice and he came on both occasions and you didn't. he sounds a bit selfish to me.

after those 2 performances i must be amazing as i always make sure that the woman always comes.

hope its amazing on the third time (since you have reaquainted) as he needs to redeem himself

6/3/09 1:43 AM

Reply to ADSR
Its not about size. Never has been. As long as they know how to use it my **** is happy. We have **** longer than 15 min. He told me it would be a quickie cause thats all he had time for. And im quite ok with it.

6/3/09 12:18 AM

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