Im ****.. well im always ****. I keep playing with my **** and my wet ****. I want to be eatin out so bad. to feel a tongue glide though my lips and penetrate. god I love to be eaten out. Its one of my favorite things. Is there anyone out there? Male or female?

May 26, 09 10:07 AM


Ask her for a photo
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wantfun Blog

I am always for all girl fun. Nothing better then my tongue **** a **** and **** a ****, while mine gets
the same thing

1/13/14 8:26 AM

**** if i was close to ya i would eat that **** realgood until you **** then i would go even more then we could **** and you could cumall over me i also want this beatiful **** of yours in my mouth to

8/7/10 5:26 AM

Ask him for a photo
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Pulp-****... Blog

Phew! Don't know which is hotter- SSG...or the replies....Cold shower time,lol.

Luv Pulp ****

5/27/09 3:59 AM

Reply to bettytigercub
Lets do it! Both you ladies are fine as f***!!

5/26/09 11:50 AM

oh and can I play **** girls in the buff with you and shoehorn?

5/26/09 11:44 AM

I'm in the mood for some hot girl action right now. I'd push ur panties to the side and flick your swollen **** with my tongue, push my fingers inside your wet **** whilst all the time **** you. Then i'd push your legs open and push my tongue inside your tight ****,mmmmmm now i'm gonna have to **** thinking bout you ****

5/26/09 11:42 AM

i would slip your knickers of slowly lift your leg over my shoulder as i part your lips with my tounge. your so damp tastesvery sweet, you dribble down your leg. im rubbing your **** as i **** you out stoking you swollen **** with my warm tounge this makes you want to **** i get slower and slower to tease you your at the point of **** i take my throbbing **** and enter you hard and fast this makes you **** so hard you feel every vein of me ou screaming with pleasure having muitple ****

5/26/09 11:35 AM

Reply to Shoehorn87
Im so down for that..

5/26/09 10:25 AM

I'd like to play **** girls buff with in the buff blindfolded while i stroke you,caress you, **** you, kiss you,very very slowly and very very gently

5/26/09 10:19 AM

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