I admit it, I'm a ****!
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

Now before you make any hasty judgements, I'm not some weirdo who hides in the bushes with my face piering in your window, while mastrubating. I like to watch from across the street or with the aid of binoculars. I live in a condo complex next to an office parking lot and beyond the parking lot is a hotel, which the rooms are visible through my binoculars. Now if people leave their windows open and are doing things **** is it so weird that I watch? I leave my windows open when at a hotel having ****, it is a turn on knowing just maybe somebody is watching, even if I am on the 5th floor or 25th floor. I even like to pull the vail curtain and keep lights on to create our silouette visible to the outside. It is such a turn on knowing, no matter how small the odds, a **** might be out there. So I am very fair about being watched and watching others. How many of you are out there? Ever since admitting that I am a **** many of my friends have admitted to their **** fantasies. In future blogs I will share my **** views, until then answer the poll question and be honest now!

























i a  

Do you like to watch or be watched while having ****?

Feb 22, 14 4:43 AM


I understand the whole **** turn on! I secretly love the rush of being seen or **** outdoors or a hotel window, even knowing I've turned some guy on from my photos or films. I've watched while hidden in a wardrobe a guy I was having an affair with have **** with his girlfriend in front of me exciting me into the need to play with myself and I've had the fantasy requested by an **** to watch and video me with another man a couple of times, he would be at his hardest and horiest giving me the best **** of our relationship after the other man had finished.

4/8/14 3:03 AM

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pitbull Blog

"I'm not some weirdo who hides in the bushes with my face piering in your window"

this made me laugh out loud for some reason . . .

But no im afraid I don't want to be watched or watch somebody else having **** time . . .

each to there own

2/26/14 12:54 AM

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