New to the site!!!

Hello to all!!

I actually came upon this site a couple of days ago when I was looking at aps for my phone. So, i thought, what the hell!

I am fairly recently single and I just want to find people that I can go out and have fun with. Or, even stay in with.

I am a Lady that deserves to be treated like one, make no mistake. But, I do like to enjoy life. 

For all of you that were curious to know more, well, here you go!


I have a 170 IQ and still enjoy learning about new things. Yes, I am very intelligent and that does seem to intimidate most people, but I am a great person to be around! I really don't act like the "brainiac" that I am. I really enjoy being around people.

I am not a drinker per say, but I do enjoy going to a club or bar now and then and having a couple of drinks. I even enjoy playing darts and shooting pool. My favorite, though, is Karaeoke night! You would be amazed to hear me sing!!!!

I have sung with a couple of bands in the past. Even been given a couple of recording contracts, which I turned down. I have met a few famous people and even sung with a couple of them. You'd be surprised how mellow they were.

Now, for all the guys that just want to know about my **** interests. All I can say is that, I am a very **** person when the chemistry is right. I have never been very good at the whole hook up thing. So, understand, that if I just want to talk to you first or go on a date, that's because I need to feel the chemistry. If it does happen, then so be it.

I am not necessarily the dominant type, nor am I entirely submissive. I like things to roll both ways. I don't do role play cause it creeps me out. I don't do **** because, lets face it, that **** hurts!! I am not into painful ****! I have done a couple of threesomes in the past. I have also had actual girl friends, but i am not looking for that anymore. I am not into S&M. I prefer close physical contact with whomever I choose to bed down. 

So, in closing, if you message me, please don't start off with wanting nasty talk. Unless I'm in the mood for that, you will just turn me off. Please show some respect and actual interest. If I'm just looking to ****, I will let You know of my interest.


Enough said for now.

From here, you can ask me whatever you wish to know.


Dec 13, 13 3:32 AM


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