the jazz

I am persueded to mention that the ghostly image has regrouped and attacked. Foiled in my plan to revert the problem... this may take some cunning to pull it off, yes. (i do not condone the use of or profiteering from whatever gets you by). Now I am at an impass. Lucky for me, the 455 pontiac is requiring some driving ness. Too sandblasted and maddened from my own abuse I realise that one must just check if the battery is good- cats,dogs, rats, possums, birds and bats=damn bats infesting ones mind. Locusts,and snakes and lizzards and small gargoils n top hatted green men- I should address them at once! nip off to the garden of magic first....

COME HITHER VAGABONDS ONE AND ALL! lets jest hit the jazz,,,

Feb 6, 14 6:30 AM


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