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south park

the shiz

he signed up along with half of my rugby team... I thought that skateboarding would have filled that void- no. My heroes are Jay Adams, well really just Jay. All the rest found some acceptable new way to disguise their demons. Not me and not Jay and that is what you call solid foundations. I embrace my faults and with some exercise I can handle it. Mind power. ah I expect to have an appt at local pd next week. I never done the wrong thing, why, and why am I on the list?

Feb 7, 14 3:00 AM | (0)

the jazz

I am persueded to mention that the ghostly image has regrouped and attacked. Foiled in my plan to revert the problem... this may take some cunning to pull it off, yes. (i do not condone the use of or profiteering from whatever gets you by). Now I am at an impass. Lucky for me, the 455 pontiac is requiring some driving ness. Too sandblasted and maddened from my own abuse I realise that one must just check if the battery is good- cats,dogs, rats, possums, birds and bats=damn bats infesting...


Feb 6, 14 6:30 AM | (0)

Do not operate machinery

that is all jazz, but I need to stress that I have a business, I make my own fortune, I can't get handouts and I have equipment that entertains me when I have to mix with bludgers...

Feb 3, 14 10:09 AM | (0)

those damn locusts

Much like any other day, I was awoken by the urge to ****. Upon nailing that, I went to doctor feelgood's chest of elixers. Spent some time looking around and then I realised that a clod beer might be the ticket. I went to the local looking for jaded princess, alas , only the walruss was there. So without a second thought, I retired to paradise city where (can't let too many secrets out).

Feb 3, 14 10:04 AM | (0)

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