Decided to 'be naughty!' Signed up today. Mission detailed below.
**** fantasies/Erotic writing
Mission Objective - Bullet point Highlighted Personal Requirements.
Although not nessiserally essential to the overall enjoyment of the experience. - 
The optimal balanced level of true shared pleasure and mutual fulfilment could easily be achieved,
obviously when certain desired turn-ons are matched or be similar in nature.
Similar passions correlating personal desires, niche or **** of shared activities. Collateral preferances and various corresponding kink-attributes, similar favs, particular likes and dislikes, certain corresponding interests would be ideal in acheiving mutual fulfilment, super-dupa connectivity and overly enhanced exchange of intimate pleasures. 

Discover, Attract, ****-based and live real-time pysical interaction with Female Partner Play-mate...
..Of course there always being exceptions to the rule and last min ajustments made.

A woman who, like me, is by nature, or interested in...

  • Being Sensual, ****, Sassy
  • Not too young. Prefer women over the age of 25 but no older than 55.
  • From Small **** Petit, to fairly tall, busty & buxom wholesome ****. 
  • Very much Enjoys (and generally has the right shape for) wearing skintight shiny clothing, namely liquid, wetlook leggings, spandex, lycra, pvc pants.
  • Actually own some shiny garments herself.
  • Alows for male partner (me) to purchase certain selected shiny garments for her to wear during activity. Clothing is then owned by the female. FREE CLOTHES!
  • Leggings (shiny), Disco Pants, Pvc, Leather, Latex, Spandex, Glossy Sheer Pantyhose. All form-fitting to every curve.
  • Enjoys relaxing, slow build, prolonged sensual contact, foreplay, **** exchange, tantra connection.
  • Likes to involve certain familiar and more experimental **** toys.
  • Mutal ****. Extended foreplay techniques, Orgasmic 'timing' syncronised.
  • Vibrators, ****/**** ****, ****/Gspot direct stim .
  • Visually endowed Labia and highly textured/layered/protruding vulva and ****. Swollen 'meaty' vagina - Very much welcome!
  • Turned on by **** ****, mainly the woman being the water-bearer, juice-giver or crotch-soaker. Female **** very welcome too!
  • ****-play lubed **** exchange.
  • Extended, prolonged, minimal movement, deep ****-vaginal insertion.
  • Fairly, well-trained **** muscels, able to firmly grip and squeeze with ease yet can be versatile when the need feels and quite stretchy.
  • Enjoys the use of sexually stimulating accompanied lotions, pills, potions, aphrodisiac preparations, and herbal, medicinal sensitivity, longevity, erection/**** engorging enhancement.
  • Likes to generally Strive for ultimate stregnth and multiplicity of ****.
  • Already practiced Likes or interested in trying **** play. For instance woman inserting and holding a small vibro or bullet in her **** whilst sumutaniously having throbbing mans **** buried bollock-deep into her vagina and the male really enjoying the virating sensations, deep inside.
  • Obviously not squeemish, very much 'turned-on' by bodily fluids. Embracing and feasting deliciously on the sweet, musky, aromatic fragrances inherent of the male and female genetalia. 
  • Can hold a fairly decent conversation. 
  • Generally good intended person. Kind. Enjoys life. Happy. Healthy.
  • Obviously not prejudice or racist or mentally/pysically ill.


Like minded /open minded sensual, **** **** female.

What is your favoured choice of Shiny fabric?? And particular type of shiny garment?

Jun 1, 14 10:53 AM


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