That Experience!
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There she was. It was unbelievable. All she had on was her red skimpy thong and my **** was just throbbin bigger and bigger the more I stared at her. She smiled as she noticed. We had met on the website and then at local bar after couple emails. Now she was on her knees in front of me looking up at me with her hands on my pant buckle.. Pulling my jeans down to my ankles and in her face was inches away from my throbbin **** still trapped nside my briefs waiting to be free.. It was so noticeable that i was turned on HOT! Slowly pulling down my briefs she finally got to see my 8 inches of thick **** cumming slowly to full erection. "MMMM" "I really like your ****!" she says to me and grabs the base of my **** with her small hand and started to **** me off slowly. Watching her lean close and slide the tip of my **** in her mouth with her lips wrapped tight around me made me instantly shiver thru my whole body.. Eye closed my eyes and leaned my head back and just enjoyed the moment of her trying to take all of me deep in her throat.. Between her stroking me with a tight grip and her lips and mouth working the rest i was feeling so turned on like have never before experienced... I looked down at her smiling at me with a **** naughty laugh and i said to her "That is so good ****!.. it's incredible!!! I want to taste you too!!" and with that she hopped up to the bed as i slide my pants totally off and layed down next to her.. I always loved a woman on top in a 69 position. Right away she went right back to making my **** even harder than i could imagine.. With her great **** now hovering over my face I wasted no time finding her **** and **** it.. nibble it.. tug on it with my lips.. tasting her wet **** was so sweet.. By now I was sure she was getting a nice taste of pre **** from my **** becuase i was so close to busting a nut as it was.. My left hand had found its way to her **** and was having fun teasing her **** while my other hand had two fingers working in and out of her **** while **** her **** good.. Hearing her moan and breath heavily and watching her **** jiggle was unbelievable... Everytime she moaned hard she had my **** deep in her throat and the vibration i felt made me **** so hard and I was holding back as best as I could... But she wanted it.. all of it.. she kept **** and **** every drop until I was completly drained.. she leaned up but kept a steady stroking hand on my ****.. I pulled off her thong all together now and pushed her **** down towards my achin ****.. I slid my body up a **** so my back could rest on the head board and I could watch as straddle above me reverse cowgirl style.. She was rubbin her **** fast.. Taking the head of my **** and just rubbing it up and down her wet **** as she rub her ****.. She was working up a big **** just by doing this and all I could do at the moment was just sit there and watch this amazing **** getting herself off with my ****.. By now she was so close to her first **** she finally slid me all the way in her deep and grinded me hard and tight.. she moaned so hard and so loud i was shocked.. I felt her **** squeeze me tight and the just get really wet and hot!! she had her hand on my **** just squeezing them as she rode out her ****.. I reached around and rub her **** slowly as she climaxed.. for a moment we just sat there and grinding tight against each other for a few minutes.. By now I was so **** and turned on that I wanted to give her all that I had... I slid her off my ****.. layed her down on her back.. pushed back her legs unto my shoulders... grabbed both of her **** while she guided my **** right for her ****.. within seconds I was buried deep in her wet **** just giving her long slow **** with my ****.. sometimes just teasing her with a few inches at a time and then a few deep **** until my **** hit her ****-Spot and she would say "YAA yes.. yes.. right there!! just like that!! don't stop!! and by now she had grabbed her own legs and spread them back as far she could bend them giving me this great view of me sliding in and out of her!!! "**ck ME HARD!! Take That ****!!"" she yells to me as I start pumping myself as hard and fast as I could.. Sweat was coming down my fore head.. my heart was racing.. I could feel my load building up fast.. My legs tightened.. I pulled out.. grabbed my ****.. and shot a load that hit the wall.. her face.. the pillow.. the sheets.. and quickly she pushed me down and **** me dry again.. with that I passed out next to her for a afternoon nap.. Great time! Thanks!

Nov 19, 10 7:28 PM

Tags: hot


Reply to luvyaforever

11/26/10 3:49 PM

that was HOT! i loved it

11/24/10 10:08 PM

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