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Just a word or two about the fears opf **** ****...Most  girls I have been  with and tried it seem to say..( it is not as bad as the rummors I have heard at all" See there is **** pain,itiai mostly the discomfort of feel like you want to take a **** lol..Other that that,most woman begin to enjoy it.Since the female virgina is located so close to the action,it acually stimutes the ****... the result is in fact two fold,1) it does give most  woman a feeling  of, be carressed, 2)  The worry of pregnacy,it avoided to females can concitrate more on enjoyment,less on the pregnacy isse itn thier minds...

Does this make it for everyone?No, slimmer females seem to  have a harder time at it than, those whom are wihtin thier wieght limit..The anus will streach normall y with time, and it does respond well with normal intercourse within the rectum walls....If you  have ?'s about it ask me,if I have the snswer...will tell..


Feb 22, 11 3:21 PM

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You seriously need to do some research about the risks of **** **** before you go spouting off about it and it's been noted you didn't bother to comment on Trish's comment, therefore, it must be a NO!

2/27/11 2:07 PM

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