How often should a couple really see each other?

An odd question for a first entry, but I have to wonder. I married young - driven mainly by emotion. At first everything was great. We were "in love". We were never great communicators, didn't have a lot in common. But hey, love conquers all, right? It only took 3 years before my ****-wife had the guts to do the right thing and walk out because we were both miserable. The divorce ****-sided me at the time, but it was the right thing.

Six years passed before I felt I was ready to marry again. And I did. I felt I had learned a lot about myself and what went wrong the first time. It took longer to reach the same point as before, but we have reached the point where we are miserable. The last three years have been going through the motions trying to see if anything changes back to where it was. Separation is inevitable. We are 2 people who are very used to each other and only connected by our ****.

Maybe it is a given that 2 people can only spend a certain amount of time around each other before the whole thing collapses. Maybe the conventional structure of marriage and commitment only suits a small fraction of people. Don't get me wrong - there are positives to marriage. But I think there are at least as many negatives in the long run.

Maybe if 2 people are around each other only so much in a week, it would make them appreciate each other more when they are together.

Apr 27, 13 11:34 PM


i did read a blessing once

let there be spaces between your togetherness
and may winds of heavens dance between you !!

spaces spaces very important

4/29/13 6:24 AM

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