Age 34 looking for guys her age to 40
**** experiences

Why do guys over 40 look for **** girls and I don't mean 40 and ****. I mean 41-99. I keep getting offers from guys over age 40 and I know I shouldn't be picky but I do want someone close to my age. Is that so hard to understand. If any guys 40 and **** want to chat let me know.

Jul 24, 13 7:28 AM


You know, the wheel spins for everyone... in your other post "looking for someone special", you say : "I'm looking for guys between 18 and 37" you're 34, so it makes a 16 years margin... but then, you refuse men over 40, which makes only a 6 years margin... Be logical in what you want, and you'll get logical responses in your box

Have a great day with that dear... and, no, I'm NOT gonna chose you, since I'm 45 (only 11 years... not more than 16) and you only give a 6 years margin for older men

9/17/13 4:59 PM

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