Tell Me Your **** Stories

Tell me your **** stories and see if you can get me wet. I just love reading stories. Unless you have a free **** site that I can visit. The hornier the story the better. So give it a try and see if can get me wet. If you want to contact me for more personal things, let me know.

Aug 19, 12 10:39 PM

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wow you really think that. thank you

8/28/12 12:13 AM

i was the new **** at work and the only male **** among us. the staff **** usually met at someones house after work to unwind and have some drinks. there was 1 **** who didnt stick out to anyone else but me (being i was the new guy on the block) im sure they all checked me out as i did them. mary was the one i noticed she was a blonde with a very kissable face and although she wasnt tall about 5' 2" or so her chest was what guys dreamed of. ( i noticed your pic, is why i remember this story) she was 36 firm and when she laughed they bounced a bit. her body was firm nice **** and muscular legs. only thing was she was married. we sat around drinking for some time, everyone was pretty drunk, when mary's husband called to say she was picking her up. mary complained off and on about her husband like any person does in a marriage, i paid no attention to it. so when her husband showed up we were all saying good night. hugging everyone good bye, when i got to mary, i leaned down said good night and kissed her wet lips. then i let go hugged the next person then left. i was so drunk i didnt realize what i did. and her husband was there but as luck would have it he didnt see anything. the next day i go to work. i say hello to everyone, not thinking anything and sue pulls me to the side and says...well? well what i said last night? i said ya? that was fun im still alittle hung over...she grabbed my arm we walked in to a room, shut the door, sue kissed mary on the lips in front of everyone...and how her husband didnt see it? well? it all came to me in an instant. i didnt know what to say...i dont know sue, it just happen. "it just happened"? "mary is wetting her chair waiting for u to kiss her again, and she was shocked when you did it" so what the hell? i said she "she liked it? she kissed me back, but we were drunk. later while at work i went to mary and told her i didnt realize i was going to kiss you untill i hugged you and it just came out. i remember mary looking at me, kind of funny, we shut the door of the room we were in, she came to me i felt her chest up against me and we kissed again only long wet, tongues, we tried to squeeze each other together as long as we could before we had to go back to work. when we stopped my **** was bulging in my pants, mary reached down rubbing it and said "you have a problem" then she laughed, her chest bounced a **** and she left...she left me with a raging hard on and that was the start of an affair that lasted for about 3 months. continue?

8/23/12 2:22 PM

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