Sounds like

Sounds like you need a good man to **** that **** out of you and bring it back again


I would take you deep and hard and deep again and again until you are trembling and moaning all you want is to **** and **** and ****


….. but of course that is a spoiler alert - as foreplay is a must and you will **** at least one or twice before I **** you...


You see I would come up behind you and gently and **** slid my arms around you and pull you into me so that your bum is against me while I nibble on the back of your neck


**** you neck and bite the back of your shoulder


as my hand slowly trace the outline of your body and one hand slips up under your shirt and caresses your belly on it way tickling your side


then as my hand reaches your breast it rubs the outside of your bra - oh you feel so good


I cant wait any longer and I slip my hand under your bra to take your full breast into my hand and I squeeze your **** until you squirm - my other hand has found its way to your bare leg just below your skirt hem



Well seeing as I'm currently biting your neck and shoulders - pinching your **** and have a hand on your though - would you like me to go on?



As my left hand slowwly rides up you thigh towards your **** you shiver as I reach the bottom of your lace panties and caress the bottom of your cheek and run my finger over the dimple where your **** meets your leg and ****


Then I pull you harder against me and you can feel my hardness on your **** and my **** grows in anticipation of your warm welcoming ****


I can hardly wait - but I have something in mind for you my dear - - I step back and take a blindfold and use it to cover your eyes and all you can see is dark - - I lay you down on the bed

I start at your feet biting your toes and work my way up your legs - biting and running my to along the sensitive areas of your legs and knees. As I reach the top of your legs I brush my teeth across your **** making you shiver.. I plant my tongue on your **** - but your panties are still in the way. i reach my hand to your crotch and slip my fingers under your lace panties against your now wet **** lips and play with your ****.

I push my fingers into the material and pull your panties until the shred in my hand. I plant my face hard on your **** and start to **** and **** your **** you start to moan, suddenly I stop and you wonder what I'm doing - then you feel my **** against your lips and you know what to do as you open your mouth and take me deep into you and you **** and **** me and I can feel you smile around my ****.

Then your a shocked to feel a tongue on your **** and swirling all around your ****. it feels so good you don't care how - then your feel me take your breast out of your top and **** on your **** as it grows hard against my tongue - the feeling of my **** in your mouth and your breast in mine while your **** is going crazy with a tongue flicking over you **** again and again.

Then suddenly you realize that my hands are on your other breast and your **** pulling your **** harder into pleasure. Like a warm hard orgasmic realization it hits you that there are several pairs of hands and more then one tongue exploring your **** body. Just the realization makes you ****.

Jan 31, 14 3:16 AM


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