We have made arrangements to meet at a hotel, I tell you the room number and tell you to follow and directions you find there.  Upon arrival at the room you see a note telling you to put the blindfold on and knock.  You knock and I look thru the peep hole to ensure that you have followed the directions; you have so I open the door and let you in.


Once in the room I kiss you passionately on the lips as my tongue touches yours I feel you shiver so I kiss you deeper and harder and you moan.  I run my hands up your back and into your hair and I grab a handful of your hair and pull you closer as I kiss you harder and **** your tongue into my mouth.  Then my hands run down your sides to your waist and I move them to the front and undo your pants then I slide my hand into the front of your pants as I unzip them and run my hand down and over your warm mound and squeeze as you moan again.  I hock my thumbs into the top of your panties and push them with your pants down and I have you step out of them.  I plant a kiss on your **** lips as I stand up, and I take the bottom of your shirt and pull it over your head.  I kiss you on the lips as I reach around on unhook your bra and let it fall to the floor.  I lean down and take your breast into my mouth and **** and **** your ****.  I bend down again and remove one then the other shoe from your feet – you are totally **** except for the **** fold that is keeping you from seeing me. 


I stand in front of you just looking at the beauty in front of me that is you!


I lay you down onto the bed and kiss your mouth and trail kisses all the way down your body over each breast and each **** then on down to your belly button and further to your **** and I brush my tongue over your **** as I work my way down to your left knee then your left foot – not missing any **** piggy before I move to your right foot then knee and back to your ****, this time I linger long enough to make you moan and part your legs.  I run one hand up your leg to the inside of your left thigh and I nibble the right leg on the inside of your thigh.  This is driving you crazy and I plan to keep you on the edge of crazy for a long time.


I lay on top of you and stretch one arm up to the top of the bed and tie it there then the other.  I am on top of you rubbing my body over yours keeping you on the edge, I slip down your body and take one leg and tie it then the other.  You are now under my full control and **** folded so you don’t see what is coming next.


I slid back up and take your **** in my mouth and I start by liking your **** and then nibbling and **** until you are moving your hips with my movements – I decide to left you have this one as I know I can get you worked up again several more times today.


After you finish panting and moaning under my tongue I move so that my **** is just on your lips, as you feel his head touch you – you part your lips to take him into your mouth and as he slides in you start to **** and **** my **** like there is no tomorrow.  I keep moving my **** in and out or your mouth while I reach down and stroke and knead your **** the pinch each **** causing you to have to catch your breath.


Before long your **** is getting some attention – you feel my tongue crossing your **** and then **** it again.  With this all happening at once and with you blindfolded you are lost in the rhythm of the afternoon.  You can feel my **** in your mouth my hands on your **** tongue on your **** – then you feel your **** being grabbed and pinched and used to push your **** higher and harder and the room is spinning and spinning around.


Then without any warning I pull my **** out of your mouth and I slid down to push my **** into you and I **** you hard and fast then harder until you are moaning and jerking again as your climax throws your back into a spin one from which your are not sure you will ever come out of – not sure if you want to come out of.


You feel your **** being played with and your **** being played with and you are in heaven – as you feel that touch on your lips you open your mouth and start to **** hard again – as you feel my **** moving slowly in your **** you get hungry for **** – over the next few seconds everything is totally out of context as you realize that my **** is **** you and you are **** a **** and your **** are being **** and bitten all at once – how can this be it feels good but confusing.


Suddenly you feel nothing as I move away from you – was it all in your head how could that be you are sure of what you were feeling but how and now nothing! Where! What! Then you feel a feather moving over your belly moving and tickling teasing but soft and then over your **** and **** down your legs and all over again and again. 


I untie one leg and move you to your side as I side up behind you and grab your **** again biting it and running my tongue over your **** again biting your cheek and the feathers you can almost feel them still – no you can feel them but my hands are on your **** my tongue is on your **** and my finger is rubbing lube around your **** and inside too!! Ooohh it feels so good then my tongue then more lube and my finger is inside you lube is inside you – then ooohhh yes my **** head is at your **** opening pushing harder and harder until you feel my **** all the way inside your **** and moving blissfully in and out harder and faster.  You are seeing stars and the room is spinning when you feel your breast being **** and nibbled and **** harder.  Then you feel it and wow what is happening you feel my **** slid over your **** and into your **** and pushing hard against the pressure from behind as you feel two **** working inside of you and you **** hard and fast as you are out of control as you feel hot **** shooting into your **** and then your **** wow but what??


Then again nothing and you wonder if you are dreaming as you fall off to sleep in my arms….when you wake you are **** not tided at all but still **** folded.  You take off the blindfold and look around the room but you are alone.  Were you dreaming was that real what happened – then you hear me at the door and I bring in coffee and a Danish for us both.


I kiss you and you start to ask and I kiss you again and we drink our coffee……


Jan 11, 14 3:16 AM


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