She Has a What?
**** experiences

Last week a girl that I have been dating off and on since spring threw a whole new kink into our relationship.

I better start a **** earlier. We have been talking about 3ways and her fantasy has always been to see me **** a **** and get **** by another male. I always told her maybe one day but not to count on it. I have found it is better to play the game than fight was a fantasy after all. Men have never turned me on and the idea of **** a **** was, well, unappealing to say the least.

She got off talking about it during **** and had used her **** a few times telling me that a real **** would feel so much better. I played along because she got so damn turned on talking about it I loved it.

Now to last week.

She called me and said she was bringing a girl friend of hers over for some evening fun. I was excited and anxious to meet our new playmate.....and she didn't disappoint. Great body, big ****, thin waist, medium brown hair and the face that any magazine would love to have on their cover.

In other words, she was hot!

After getting to know each other briefly my girl seemed overly anxious to take things to the next level and retire to the objections here!

The two were on top of me quickly, my clothes on the floor and my **** hard and ready. My girl and her friend shared my **** while I **** back and enjoyed the sensations.

That's when the surprise came out. This gorgeous lady she brought over slid off her panties and revealed a very erect and large ****!


My girl whispered to me "Isn't she beautiful? Touch her **** honey."

I have to admit, as **** as I was the fact that she had a **** was a **** strange, but I wasn't about to object.

I really didn't have much time to react when a **** was in my mouth and both ladies were girl with her hand moving furiously between her legs and my new friend slowing **** my mouth.

I felt something slick on my **** and lubed finger inserted into my hole. I knew what was next.

Yes, I not only **** a **** for my girl but I lost my **** to boot......and it **** felt great! We repeated the experience the next day. I don't know if I will ever do it again but it was an experience to remember.

Now we have to start working on my fantasy....and the only **** involved is mine! lol

Nov 17, 10 8:43 PM


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