Erotic Writing Continued


It didn't take long to check in, and a houseboy lead us through the resort along pathways surrounded by fragrant, beautiful flowers with glorious views of the white sand beach.  In a few moments we had been led to a Spanish style cottage, with a small courtyard, large terrace and French doors leading into the living area.  On two walls were windows which opened to the terrace and to the ocean, only yards away. The small kitchenette had a two burner cook-top, a small microwave oven, and a bar fridge with wine chiller. 

In the center was a preparation island that also had three bar stools for sitting or ****.  Beyond the kitchenette was a hallway with a large bath on the left, and the single bedroom on the right. 

"I don't know about you," You said. "But I am grabbing a shower." You moved past the porter and myself, slipping seductively into the bathroom.  I gave the boy a tip and moved our two bags to the bedroom with it's wrought iron bed, white gauzy wrappings, and stone fireplace before stripping down and venturing across the hall into the bathroom to join you. 

Slipping into the room I can hear you singing lightly as the water cascades over your **** form, a loofah in your hands rubbing body wash across your body.  "Mind if I join you?" I asked as I opened the frosted glass door and stepped into the large shower stall. 

You look back over your shoulder toward me, and smile.  "I can always use a second set of hands to get me clean." and in saying this you leaned forward, resting your hands on the outside wall, the water now cascading down your back, inviting my hands to explore.  I move in behind you, my lips finding your neck as my hands came forward to wrap around you and begin to **** your beautiful full ****.  You had given me something wonderful earlier, and now it was my turn to give back to you. 

My hands began to work lightly across your shoulders and back, rubbing circles feeling for tightness in the muscles.  When I felt knots, I would spend a bit of time working the tension out.  I continued down your back reaching the small, and the curve as you arched under my hands.  I moved my attentions then to your sides, tracing lines up lightly, but not so lightly as to tickle.  I reached the roundness of your **** on each side, my own body coming in contact with yours. Each of my hands cupping your ****, the ****, already hardening slipping between. Lifting the fullness as I lean forward placing a kiss just below your left ear then kissing down your neck as my right hand releases your breast and travels down to your stomach and then across your abdomen, fingertips grazing the edge of your ****, and the roundness of your mons.

The hand still cupping your breast, shifting to fondle the **** of the breast no longer cupped as my mouth and teeth run lightly along your shoulder, nipping at the flesh.  The hand massaging your **** slipping down slightly and moving up, teasing the bundle of nerves before retreating away.  You move to turn in my arms, but I hold you to the wall.  My mouth against your ear.  “Not for me.  This is for you my Bella.” and I take your earlobe between my teeth, biting lightly.

The water is beginning to chill, but neither of us is interested in leaving the shower.  Turning the taps off, I return behind you, now drawing a line along your spine with my hot tongue. My hands shifting to your hips and the roundness of your bottom, kneading your cheeks, my tongue now running close to the cleft between them.  I drag my teeth across the flesh, nipping, **** and swirling my tongue before once again finding the cleft between the two cheeks.  I had never wanted to do this before, but for some reason with you in this place, it was something I needed to try.  I slipped my hands onto your cheeks, and spread them slightly as I then dipped my tongue into the cleft until I found the pucker of your anus, **** around it, the tip of my tongue slightly probing.

I hear a gasp from  you as my tongue again lightly probes at the puckered rose.  I lay my tongue flat on the cleft and **** from between your sweet wet opening across the perineum and across your anus.  Pressing down as I pass the rose pucker, it gives slightly.  Swirling the mass  of my **** muscle around the edge, I slip the tip slightly against the tight opening, feeling the muscles twitch slightly and give against the intrusion, opening enough to feel my tongue slipping into the ring of muscle. Then being repelled by the same.

Hands slipping down so that my thumbs now pull the outer lips of your vaginal opening slightly open, exposing your center to the now cool damp air of the bathroom.  My tongue becoming incessant, pushing against your **** entrance  probing as my thumbs begin to work the outer lips.

Your legs begin to give, your knees trembling as you lower your body to the floor, now on all fours, your **** raised toward my hungry mouth.  Your center already abused by both my member, and prior to that your own need, the opening gaping slightly, red and swollen from previous activity.  I run my thumb along your slit, slipping in past the knuckle, before slipping up and spreading your wetness around your anus.  Pressing my thumb against the opening, it gives way, allowing the tip to slip just inside before the same ring of muscle pushes back preventing the intrusion.

“God Rick! I’ve never felt like this!” you rock your hips back pushing my thumb in deeper loudly moaning now as my thumb is fully inside your ****.  I move my other hand around and begin to **** your ****, rolling my thumb inside your ****, and lightly pinching your ****, feeling your hips **** each time. “Oh make me **** Rick! Yes please make me **** for you!”  I increase the pace of the movements of my thumb, your hips rocking against me, forcing my other hand to delve into your wet center.  Your own hand coming to your ****, pinching and rolling it as you kneel now, tilting your head back, our lips capturing each others as you moan into my mouth.

Suddenly your body convulses, both openings pulsing as you reach your peak.  Your unoccupied hand reaching over your shoulder and mine, dragging deep scratches into my shoulder, the pain creating pleasure instead as my **** is hard between us, throbbing against the back of your thigh as you come down.

“**** me Rick.  **** me hard and **** me now!” The desire in your eyes is all I needed. Slipping up behind you, the head of my **** slips between your legs, pressing into your center, just the purple head inside.  I push you forward now onto your hands, as I thrust deeply into you, my length sliding inside in a single deep stroke.  Your hips gyrate as soon as I push into you, your moan of contentment turns to one of impatience. I pull out slightly then thrust forward pushing as deeply as I can, my scrotum slapping against your ****. 

You growl as I repeatedly slam my hips against your buttocks, the pressure building, and you slip a hand down again to tweak your **** as my **** slap against you.  Your second peak building as my own **** begins to boil in my ****, a burning desire to empty myself deep inside against your cervix.  The pace becomes frantic and you scream as a powerful **** overtakes you, clenching the muscles around my own pulsing **** as once again I empty white gooey **** into your quivering, pulsing ****. 

We collapse to the tiled floor, now in need of another shower.  I kiss your cheek and mouth as we lay there, calming from the apex we had reached together.  “Wash then sleep?” I grunt out from my position behind and beside you.  “Yes” you answer back, throaty and nearly horse from attempting to calm our racing hearts.

We stand a few minutes later and turn the shower on, both of us rapidly washing each other, both sated and tired.  Wrapped in fluffy robes, we both head into the bedroom for a relaxing nap.

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keep them coming hunni xx

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