Vegas Adventure
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

After chatting and talking for some period of time, I tell you I am going to be in Las Vegas in a couple weeks and invite you to come visit me there.  I have a suite and tell you I will be all alone and would love to have your company if you would be interested and can get time off and meet me there.  The idea excites you and you say you will definitely think about it.  You have never been to Vegas before and so it is very intriguing to you, not only do you finally get a chance to see me and find out just what I would be like to "be with", but you also get to see the place where "what you do there stays there" as they say (LOL).  You would love to finally meet me and see the glitz and glitter of Vegas at the same time.  I promise you a good time and that you are welcome to join me and stay with me, and that I would love to see and finally meet you as well.  I also tell you we would not have to do anything if you are at all uncomfortable with that and I would be a gentleman, so there is no pressure.    You carefully consider the "proposition" and just find it too intriguing to pass up and after a few days tell me you would love to join me.  I tell you I will be in meetings some of the time but again promise a great time of dining and shows and the experience of a lifetime.    The day finally arrives and I hop my plane and you hit the road.  We had pre-arranged for you to meet me at the airport.  I arrive and depart the plane and walk to baggage claim where we have agreed to meet.  I am walking down the stairs and spy you waiting along one wall in the claim area, a smile grows **** across my face as my eyes meet yours and I take in your beauty!  I am just so thrilled to finally get to be close to you and I can feel an incredible warmth flush over me and a tingle in my pants as I approach you.  You are smiling so incredibly and I walk straight to you and take you in my arms and squeeze you so tight and our lips meet for the very first time.  I tell you how incredible you look in your sweet short skirt (don't know what you typically like to wear but I imagine you have incredible legs & **** and would love to see them LOL and how happy I am to finally have you in my arms.  After a few minutes of talking and just relaxing with each other, my luggage appears and we scoop it up and head out to the car.    Once in the parking garage we stow my luggage in the trunk of your car and we climb in.  I lean over and once again take you in my arms, I look deeply into your incredible eyes and our lips lock in a very passionate kiss.  My lips part so slightly and your tongue meets mine and entwine in a dance of passion!  I am so overcome with passion that before I even know I am doing it, my hand slips down to your knee and brushes lightly over it, searching, caressing, and you can feel your passion building and your **** begins to moisten.  My hand slips up your thigh slowly and tantalizingly.  I finally reach your **** and find you are not wearing any panties under your skirt, which just sends me into overdrive!  My finger slips between your lips to find that perfect love button and I begin gently rubbing your incredible ****.  You moan and part you legs to give me better access.  I am soooo damn **** I **** forget about everything but you and how very much I want you!  I bring you to a **** **** rubbing your **** as you begin to unzip my pants and reach inside to find my **** as hard as a rock and throbbing!  My other hand slips inside your blouse to seek out those incredible **** and fabulous ****.  I find your **** fully erect which turns me on even more than ever.  I tease your **** by taking it between my finger and thumb and roll it around and gently pull on it, you moan with pleasure, which I quickly muffle with my mouth encompassing yours.  Your hand has a firm grip on my raging hardon and I moan into your mouth as we kiss so passionately and feeling may passion growing.  I am sitting in the passenger seat and urge you into my lap.  You gladly respond with climbing into my lap and slide my hard **** into your dripping wet ****!  You feel every inch as you slowly lower yourself onto my **** and I am simply beside myself with passion wanting to **** you so hard!  I grasp your hips and pull you down to fully impale you on my ****.  It fills you so **** and you instantly feel your **** begin to build.  I wrap my arms around you holding you so tightly while I buck my hips up into you driving my **** deep inside your hot wet ****.  I can feel you clenching and relaxing on my **** as you get closer and closer to our very first climax TOGETHER!  You feel my **** grow HARDER and BIGGER as I too rapidly approach a huge ****!  We are writhing in passion and suddenly we BOTH spasm and scream as our mutual **** overtakes us both at the very same moment!  After our spasms subside, we sit in silence in full embrace with my **** still inside you.  After a few more moments we regain our mutual composure and get back to the task of getting to the hotel and checked in.    We check in and go up to our suite on the 35th floor.  I open the door and usher you inside to find a beautiful suite which we both check out, we have a huge king sized bed and a living area with entertainment area.  It is soooooo **** and I can feel the tingle between my legs again begin to stir.  I move closer to you and take you in my arms. My lips meet yours as I embrace you so tightly.  My hands around you begin to roam and explore your back and eventually down to your incredible ****!  I guide you to the incredible bed and lay you down and begin to remove your **** clothes and caress and **** each new area of skin revealed.  I remove your blouse and for the first time gaze upon your incredible **** in their **** silky bra.  I reach around behind you to release your bra and expose those gorgeous globes.  I lean forward and take one **** in my mouth and hold it ever so gently in my teeth while my tongue explore it, making circles around it and then boring into the very tip, I **** gently and you are getting wetter than you have ever been.  While **** on your **** my hands seek out your belt and unbutton your skirt and it falls clear.  My hand again holds your perfect **** mound and my finger slips between your **** lips to seek out that wonderful ****.  I am sooooo turned on by how incredibly wet you are, it is sooooo damn ****.  I slip a finger inside your **** and my thumb brings pressure on your ****.  My finger tip explore your **** to find that elusive **** spot and once found I begin massaging it.  You instantly **** from a sensation you have never before experienced.  You are so overcome by all the new sensations, you don't even realize I have removed my pants and my rock hard **** is beginning to enter your mouth.  You begin to **** it deep without even thinking about it as I begin to **** your **** into my mouth.  I roll onto my back and pull you on top of me as I greedily **** your **** and rub your **** spot with a vengeance.  You feel the most incredible **** building inside you unlike any you have ever experienced.  You press your **** into my mouth as though you wished me to **** swallow you.  You begin to shake with passion and EXPLODE cumming like you have never cummed before.  At the very same moment my **** explodes in your mouth and I heave my hips into the air to shove my **** deep in your mouth as it spews HOT HOT HOT jism down your throat!  We both collapse exhausted and expended.  I wrap my arm around you as we both fall fast asleep.    The following morning we awake and each shower and head downstairs for breakfast.  I have a morning meeting I must attend which gives you a **** time to do some shopping or gambling or what ever you wish.  After a wonderful breakfast talking and continuing to get to know each other better, I head off to my meeting and you to the casino and shops.  I kiss you and tell you I am unsure of exactly when I will be back and will meet you back at the room or give you a call.  You head off to explore the glitter and glitz of the casino downstairs.  After you have been there for about an hour, you are walking around the casino and occasionally throwing a quarter here and there in the slots and just wondering what the big thrill is when you become aware of a gorgeous gal next to you and you tell her of your wondering about the supposed thrills of Vegas.  She giggles and sensuously says the thrill of Vegas does not necessarily need be the gambling and smiles and winks!  This catches you off guard and at the same time sends shivers down your spine and a tingle between your legs!  You eye her up and down and take in her beauty... with her "prominent cleavage" especially catching your attention however not to be over shadowed by her INCREDIBLE legs hanging out of her short short skirt!!  Okay.. so now you are getting VERY excited and can feel your **** getting WET WET WET!!!  You smile seductively back at her as you drink in her gorgeous curves and respond... that YES... it has indeed just gotten MUCH MORE INTERESTING!!!  It is obvious she understands your inference as she moves closer and reaches out to touch your arm seductively.   You also reach out and wind up in a very sensuous embrace and you love the feel of her curves against your body which is just driving you wild by this time!!  You lean forward and your sweet soft lips meet hers in a very **** soft kiss which somehow leads into a very very passionate kiss as your tongues meet and entwine!  Now you are just dripping wet and simply MUST HAVE HER NOOOOOOOOOW!!!!   You suggest the two of you retire to your suite and she bubbles with delight and agrees.  You bring her back to our room and immediately begin to kiss and to rip her clothes off with your building passion.    She also begins to take your clothes off as you kiss so passionately, so deeply, your tongues engaged in a dance of passion, your tongue **** her mouth while she sucks on it, your hands on her **** and her fingers squeezing your **** driving you wild.  She leans down to take your **** in her mouth, **** it so gently as you arch your back pushing your **** deeper into her mouth, you grab her head and draw it tight against your breast as you moan with building pleasure.  You feel her hand probing between your legs, she finds you **** and you **** in a deep breath as you feel that first touch.  You are sitting on the couch and she slides you down slightly and slips your pants and panties off, your **** is half on and half off the couch and she spreads your legs to gain access.  She drops to her knees between your legs and buries her face in your ****, her tongue greedily **** up your hot wet **** juices.  You **** with bone shaking intensity!    She gets you to your feet and leads you to the bed, the bed in which we had **** sooo incredibly only hours before.  You are soooooo **** you **** lose track of time.  You lay her on the bed and finish removing her clothes and you continue to play with her **** and **** and working your way down.  She is laying on her back and you now take a turn tasting her delectable ****.  You are on your knees between her legs and she is moaning so loudly it is driving you crazy and wanting more and more.  You have three fingers deep in her **** **** her when she hands you a **** she brought with her.  You delight in this and gladly take it and slide it in your mouth for a minute to slightly lubricate it and the pure excitement of **** it in front of her.  You begin to slide it in her hot wet **** and you hear her nearly squeal with delight at the sensation.  You resume **** her **** and **** her ****.  You love the taste and smell of her sweet dripping wet **** and her moans of pleasure drive you INSANE!!  You are nearly cumming just from what you are doing to her and  her squirming, moaning, screaming as you pleasure her!!   The two of you are so focused on your pleasure you don't even notice I have returned from my meeting unexpectedly.  I walk in to find the two of you in our bed **** like I have never seen!  For what seems like hours, I just stand there watching in amazement.  I am so totally enthralled at the sight in front of me I am unaware I have actually dropped my pants and have my **** in my hand jerking off for all I am worth.  I am sooooo ****, like nothing I have ever known before!!!  You suddenly become aware of me behind you and at first it startles you, but you realize I am soooo **** and am in fact jerking off watching you.  This makes you even more excited and you continue **** and **** her.  I move closer and begin caressing your **** and sliding my fingers between your legs to find and rub you ****.  You moan with pleasure as I find that special love button.  I play with you until you **** and she has orgasmed several times.  I guide you to turn around so you are now in a sixty nine position on top of her and she is **** your **** while you **** hers.  I then kneel behind you and begin to slide my huge hardon into your hot **** while she is **** your ****.  This is the most incredible feeling and you **** almost immediately!!  I **** you soooo hard with my **** slapping against her face as I **** you.  I am holding sooo tight to your waist and hips as I **** you harder and harder and I get closer and closer to my own ****!!!  Suddenly I scream in pleasure as my **** explodes inside you and I spasm so hard I slam deep deep inside you!!   We all collapse in a heap totally exhausted and **** fulfilled like none of us have ever experienced!!!   The rest of the time we spend there, the three of us share a bed and she and I pleasure you in ways you have only dreamed of and for hours and hours on end!!  After several days and nights of pure orgasmic bliss, we finally part ways fulfilled in ways none of us could have ever hoped for or even dreamed of.... We simply must do this AGAIN!!!  AND AGAIN... AND AGAIN!!!!  LOL LOL


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Hi maybe I can reach you this way...I am in Clermont and would love to meet you...I enjoy **** love **** giving and to kiss you all over and through in some **** too...if you are interested look for me on y messenger there as heatsunwarm@****.com....hope to hear from you

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