Fun at the beach!!!!
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

  I am going to come see you at your house today.. You live on a private beach... What should i wear....  I know and you are gonna drool when u see me in it...............   Getting dressed was easy since there was not to much to it.. I get in my car and drive to your house.. You are looking out the window when i arrive.. You come to the door with a big smile and a single red carnation..... I say "how did u know i dont like roses.."  You sheepishly smile and say " I have my ways......"     As i walk inside u notice that i dont have any straps hanging out of my sun dress... Your smile and eyes get bigger as u follow me into the kitchen...  I put my bags down and turn to you... I  tell you to come over here and kiss me right now.. I reach out and grab your arm to pull you towards me.. I grab your face and plant a big kiss on you.... As we kiss i reach around and grab your **** and pull you into me more.. I wrap one leg around your body.. OOOOOOOOOOOOH you are hard already.. Good, now come into the bedroom and **** me slave...  You just say "YES MAM"    I take you by the waist band of your pants and pull you into the bedroom. You just follow and smile........ As we reach the bed i tare off all your clothes.. Leaving you standing there **** **** and at my mercy... MMMMMMMMMMMMMM look at that big hard ****... Is that all for me i ask.. Yes Mam!!!!!!!!  Good now take off my clothes so that u can **** me..   You reach up to untie the top of my dress my tan body glistens with the lotion i had put on before.. The smell of coco butter on my skin just drives you all the more crazy... As u lower my top u see a hint of a suit.. You are running your hands over my neck and shoulders as u take down my top...I moan with how great it feels........ As u pass my **** u notice that it is a haulter top and the lower u get u notice that it is just made out of red lace... There is no backing to it and my tan **** are sticking out of the red garment... It is tightly fitted around my suckulant ****.. As you release the rest of my body from my dress you notice also that the bottom is nothing more than a thong made of the same red material.. Again with no backing. My **** is in full view for all to see....  You step back to get the full effect.. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  you yell at the top of your lungs....... I blush and giggle at your outburst... So enough!! Touch me slave, run those big hot hands all over me.. Make me **** now......   Yes Mam.... you go behind me and start kissing my neck, ears and shoulders.. You reach around and rub my **** and stomach as u work your way down.. The lace feels so good as u touch it.. As u unhook my bathing suit top my **** just bounce free right in your hands.. You  gasp as they seem to bounce right into your hands.. Then i lean into you because your hands feel so good on my bare skin... reaching around to grab your ****.. Still you move on taking your hands and moving down my body to my wet ****... You touch me over the lace and can feel how wet i am... You take down my bottoms and lean me over the bed...  **** THAT **** SLAVE i say and u obey... MMMMMMMMMM feels so good.. Make your madam scream with desire... As u **** and **** my **** you put 2 finger inside of me and make small circles.. OOOOOOOOOOOOH yes that is good ... dont stop, dont stop...  Harder and harder your fingers are probing.. Deeper and deeper till you feel my muscle tense and i let out a scream of pure passion.........    **** ME FROM BEHIND NOW SLAVE i say and u obey.. I want to feel those **** whack my **** with everything u have slave..  You start gentally at first then harder and harder pounding me with that great big hard ****... Smack my **** slave.. That's it.... Yes , yes, yes thats it... Harder , harder , deeper , deeper.. **** that **** slave.... We are both moaning louder and louder and louder....

STOP!!!!!!! i say... I want that big hard **** up my ****!!!!!!  You obey and as u push it in you **** hard.. I gasp and jump forward.. OOOOOOOOOOOOH  HARDER I YELL!!!!!!!!  Give me it all you **** slave... You are pumping harder and harder and my **** muscles are getting tighter and tighter.. Our breathing is getting harder and shallower.. We are about to explode... YES , YES, YES, THAT'S IT . GIVE IT TO ME ,, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Just then i buck and u pulse and we explode together... And u are still pumping my **** to get everylast drop of **** inside me.. I am taking it all and am such a state of utter bliss that i just collapse on the bed and try to catch my breath.... You just collapse right along side and enjoy the pleasure your body is feeling right now...  You look at me with such passion in your eyes that i reach over and kiss you deeply...  In unison we agree "AWESOME, **** AWESOME!!!"  We did make it to the beach later on.. But that is a story for next time...  

Nov 22, 09 12:28 AM

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Reply to sproc4
Thank u for reading and enjoying my story,., glad to hear it gave u the reaction i had wanted it to.,,.,. Dont think that all women want is a big ****.. I really dont care what size it is as long as it works and u know how to use what u have,., fingers, tongue and other parts of the body can make the experiende well worth it.., So dont give up on women .,,, there is someone out there and u will find her....

11/22/09 5:40 PM

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Beachco... Blog

Thank u - very hot story - especially as i love big women

11/22/09 9:57 AM

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sproc4 Blog

very cool.. you can visualize everything instant hard on ...**** gotto wank now

11/22/09 3:18 AM

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