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So i have finally had my first **** wank experience with a **** **** and boy did that feel goooood lol... having full double ff **** wrapped around my **** as she slide those huge puppies up and down, slow and fast, rubbing her **** over the head of my ****... could not belive my **** would go this hard felt like it was going to pop! well yes i finally did jizz like a race horse, so much never **** that much or as hard before, wow what a woman she was! just seeing my **** all over **** and over my chest was a huge turn on too, still hard she went in with a mind poppin ****! needless to say wasnt long before i shoot my load again!!


Any **** in **** want to help me out again?

Mar 6, 14 8:33 PM


Is having your **** wanked between **** really as good as expected? Would you use a girls **** over her hand or mouth? Always interested me as I have on b cups so can't do it but I go for my **** job in May to DD maybe **** size so will be giving it a try then but would it be as good the feeling getting it off natural ****? ****

4/8/14 2:50 AM

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