The Doctor - Part 2
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

The first couple of patients on the day were prescript refills.  Didn’t get to see or touch anything, but my **** was already hard.  One more patient before April, so I added my comments to the previous charts and set them on the receptionist’s desk to be filed. 

The next lady was about my age.  She seemed somewhat chipper coming in, like this is a regular routine and she’s just the next patient.  After the **** prepped her, I was told she is ready to be seen.  I looked at her chart to see what she had been in for before.  In the past, she had three ****.  Her pap smears had been normal and her last exam was quite some time ago. 

I knocked on the door before entering just to let her know I was coming in.  There she was, stripped from the waist down and in the stirrups.  The throbbing in my pants began.

She turned to me and smiled a half smile, knowing she was fully exposed once I walked into the room.  She said hello and recognized that I was a new doctor.  Trying to keep things ‘professional’, I made some small talk and confirmed major things from her health history.  That was when I looked at her ****.

I gave a brief glance, but did a double take when I realized this forty year old woman had a **** shaved ****!  Oh, my!  Not only was my **** throbbing now, my mouth began to water picturing myself **** that sweet peach. 

She must have noticed my glances … she commented that her husband liked it that way.  She thought it was annoying and made her look like a **** school girl. The more she talked the more she became nervous. 

As she talked I prepped myself with the regular garb of mask, gloves, and gyno tools.  I assured her that I had seen plenty of genitals from woman (which wasn’t totally true).  I encouraged her to talked frequently with her husband about what they both liked in order to make her appearance mutually pleasing … it sounds all ‘doctorly’ coming out, but deep down I was saying,  &lsquoon’t you get it ****, you’re getting old and your man needs more excitement that what you are willing to give … enjoy a shaved **** and let him eat it every night …’

As a place my stool in front of her **** and sat down, some air blew past the mask I had on.  There must have been a small gap, because I **** a brief smell of her scent.  It smelled so good that I nearly fell off my stool.  I immediately had to adjust my manhood in my pants because it nearly ripped my scrubs in two, coming to full attention at the smell of fresh ****. 

I began the examination and I thought I was touching very lightly.  However, the woman began to squirm and move her hips as I was poking around in her ****. 

“Am I too rough”, I asked. 

“No, whatever you just touched sent a bit of excitement through my body,” she replied. 

I wasn’t real sure what I touched to cause this.  I had extensive classes on anatomy in undergrad and graduate school, especially of the female areas.  I knew there was a ****-spot theory out there, but no white papers ever confirmed it existence. 

I probed a **** more and this time I must have really hit the bullseye.  The woman’s **** **** white **** out at me and she sat up looking at me like, “What did you do!?”

Puzzled I looked at her while she looked at me with the same expression.  She grinned a silly grin and said, “that’s never happened before … I think I’m going to like you.”

Trying to keep things from getting out of control, I switch my voice into a professional doctor’s voice and told her these things happen from time to time.  A woman’s body does unusual things when in unusual circumstances.  Blah, blah, blah … I don’t think she was buying it, because after a brief moment of silence, she asked, “can you touch me that way again?”

By this time, my **** was erupting with pre-**** and throbbing to the point she probably could have seen the rising and falling of my crotch.  My mouth was just full of saliva want to dive into her juices and taste her womanhood. 

I knew I had to go in one more time to look at her cervix and perform one more procedure.  If I was careful, I knew I could avoid the area that aroused her so much and then the exam would be complete. 

Taking a deep breath, I picked up my tools and started in … just as I was to the area I needed to be at, she moved her hips toward me and down. 

“Ah, yes,” she cried. “That’s it … that feels so good”  She began to gyrate her hips on my gyno tools!  I should have been embarrassed and willing to stop the woman, but I was amazed at how my simple procedure had turned her on. 

I was at the point of no turning back and wasn’t sure what I was about to do would be acceptable to her, but my manhood was crying out for attention …  TO BE CONTINUED

Why don't we hear more about OB/GYN's 'doing it' with his or her patients?

Jun 12, 11 11:18 PM


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