The Doctor - Part 1
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

After years of working odd jobs and trying to find my ‘calling in life’, I decided to become a doctor.  I thought that would be the best thing for me.  The money is good.  If I find a small practice, maybe I won’t have to work as hard as hospital doctors.  Plus, the respect and admiration I would get from my **** and peers would be most welcome. 

It took me a long time to decide on what specialty.  I did not want to be a general doctor because I’m not compassionate enough for simple sniffles and coughs.  However, the passion I have toward the female body was a good indicator to guide me in my decision.  Because I am so visual, the slight glimpse of female cleavage gives me simple pleasures that leave me wanting more. So, I chose to be an OB/GYN! 

In my residency, I did not get to see or touch much.  The main doctors usually took the lead when diagnosing and touching the female patients.  Don’t get me wrong, I left the examination room many times with my **** hard as a rock, especially when young virgins and married, middle-age women (who had never had a **** experience aside from their husband) were under my care.  I can’t tell you how close I came to pulling down my scrubs and banging an attractive woman right there on the table, especially when I got the occasional whiff of her **** smell, or recognized that she was getting wet as I examined her ****.  However, I held my self-control through my training and became and official M.D.

It was painful finding a partnership office that would accept a new rookie.  Most offices wanted someone with experience in the field and did not want to turn their patients over to a young, untested doctor.  Persistency won out, though, and I found my first partnership practice in Tennessee. 

It was several weeks before I saw my first patient.  The office had tons of paperwork, charts, and gynecology tests that needed reviewed.  I paid my dues, but was anxious to see my first victim … I mean patient – HA!

I woke up early that Monday morning … my **** was hard as it could be.  I knew that that day I would see several pussies and it made my manhood throb just thinking about it.  I kept telling myself that ‘I am a professional’ – ‘I can’t think this way about these women – they need my help and are not there for **** with me.’  I wish I had a woman to bang in order to relieve my **** aspirations.  I kept repeating the previous statements all the way into the office to help lower my **** drive and focus on what I had to get done that day.  However, it seemed that the more I stated them, the hornier I got.  UGH!

The office was no different than usual when I got there, but I knew deep down everything would be different that day. 

I picked up my charts and looked through them quickly.  One woman stood out to me over the others for some reason.  Her folder wasn’t too thick, but her name stuck out to me.  ‘April Suzanne’.   Immediately, I was attracted …

Have you had a fantasy about your doctor?

Jun 12, 11 11:07 PM


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shame this is just a copy and paste ! from someone else who wrotte it
it would had be hosnest to mention that

6/13/11 12:58 PM

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