On Being Bi on the Sly with Guys for My High
**** experiences

My wife would deny it - that I've been bisexual - which is just a degree of homosexualit - for as long as I can remember.  If you ask me that anywhere else - in my professional life, for instance, or my **** life, I'd give you a pretty convincing "what the #$% are you talking about" look and/or answer.  No, this closet is nailed shut. But on here, I can be more honest, or at least I'll try and be.

I consider myself a ****, not just a ****.  A **** just wears the clothes, and I used to do that, but I always I thought I looked pretty stupid - a guy in chicks clothes.  Now, I'm criticizing if that's you, it's just that with me, while it felt ****, it always, I thought, looked goofy.  But then the opportunity came for the wig and makeup.  What a revelation!   Wow!  It totally changed how I looked - at least to me - and how I felt inside.  So I don't have ****... no hormones (like Zachy Farms chickens), and I don't have implants.  To me, that'd be a trans-****.  I'm not that.   I might, if this were another life, if I didn't have so much invested in this one, so many people who's expectations would be shattered...

Before I write more, I want to see if I can actually post this, as opposed to writing for an hour and then having it go "poof" into digital oblivion when I press the submit button.

Do you want me to "tell all?"

I would - I will - with some encouragement...

You can also reach me at my name on here at multiple places...



Do you really want to hear about me... about this side of me?

Sep 7, 11 2:44 AM


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