Unexpected **** twist
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

We were having a drink downstairs when she leaned over me and whispered a naughty suggestion in my ear: "Come with me upstairs and experience the ultimate pleasure of ****".
As I have bound women before but not been restrained myself, my heart jumped and I felt a response in my jeans.
She felt it too and smiled seductively.
She took me by the hand upstairs and I noticed she was well prepared.
The straps were already attached to the bed and ready to bind my ankles and wrists.
She started to undress me, kissing each bit of flesh she revealed. I wanted to gab and take here on the spot but she huskily whispered that it was her turn now...
Once she fully undressed me, she pushed me gently back on the bed and started to restrain my hands and feet while sliding her gorgeous body over me. Damn, the cuffs, I could not grab her.
When she was finished she knew just the way to get me **** crazy; standing spread-legged over me slowly teasing herself and becoming visibly wet and aroused.
Then she lowered herself down so my tongue could just, but only just reach her and let me taste her sweetness.
The she moved her hips down over my chest to the strong pulsating response she had created, and with one subtle movement....


May 13, 14 1:39 AM


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