My love of going down on you

I truly love **** ****. It's what gets me incredibly turned on and sexually aroused. Nothing is more arousing than tasting the juices of a female in heat. I just love feeling a **** pulsating against my mouth and tongue. And yes, I do know what I am doing. I love giving **** and enjoying bringing my partner to this very special and most intimate form of pleasure. 

When you really think about it, in many ways, **** is probably more intimate than intercourse. I just love watching and get very aroused while my partner is enjoying being turned on orally. I especially like **** **** while giving a ****-spot ****. Have you ever had a ****-spot ****? Have you had a lover that can even find it? I also enjoy playing with toys. Massaging a woman's ****-spot with a **** while **** her **** and **** her ****. While I play with your ****-spot in a nice slow ****, I love the taste of a wet ****. 

I'll **** you until you're so wet that your juices will be running down your thighs. You can grind your hips into my face while I tickle you pink with my tongue. Or you can straddle my face and just **** my extended tongue to your hearts content while holding on to the headboard to keep your balance. I will enjoy the view and my hands will touch your ****, **** and gently **** your body while you are being pleasured this way. 

I would love to start by having you sitting; legs spread so I can enjoy the wonderful view before my hands gently start to **** your body but do not touch your **** nor your ****. After some time has passed my hands will graze but not really touch, but over time they will come a lot closer until my mouth, tongue and fingers eventually start pleasuring you. I will add if you want a nice hard **** after my mouth makes you **** multiple times,and love to **** too.

Jul 28, 13 6:10 AM


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