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In this episode we follow the exploits of Al a middle-aged man who carries out his fantasizes as he fondles three young ladies at the local mall. On this particular escapade we find Al sexually aroused by three young ladies who are dressed rather provocatively. All three of the girls are in their early twenties.

Tanya the dominant character in the story is a tall brunette with hazel eyes. Her curvaceous body is clad in a black macro miniskirt that barely covers her tight ****. A silky red blouse covers Tanya’s double &ldquo” **** and her long slender legs are partially covered by **** thigh high leather boots.

 Her friend Jessie a ****, fair skinned with freckles. Is dressed in a tight red wool miniskirt that hugs her hips. Jessie decided not to wear her panties that evening. She liked the exhilaration she got when guys got a look up her skirt. A skintight white t-shirt wrapped her  “C” cup ****, her hard **** erect, could be seen through her shirt. Black strapped high heel shoes adorned her feet.

Sally on the other hand being the submissive of the three girls, a **** blonde haired, blue-eyed girl who followed her friends around the mall. Sally was dressed in a short black miniskirt and a pink belly top that hung loosely from her upturned ****. Black fishnet stockings covered her **** legs and she wore white lace panties but no bra. Red **** on her feet completed her outfit.

The story unfolds in a small town along the coast of British Columbia. It’s a hot Friday night in early August.

Al decided to cruise the local mall, his favorite place to watch young ladies clad in their skimpy clothes. He found several of the shops, were excellent places to fondle the young ladies, as they shopped.

          He watched a particular group of three girls. They were dressed in short skirts and tight tops that hugged their gorgeous ****. Al followed the girls from a distance at first and waited till they became engrossed in conversation.  The three girls were closely grouped as Al approached them from the rear of the store. He walked up their aisle, looked them up and down before he made his move.

          The girl closest to Al bent over to pick-up an item she had dropped. The timing was perfect as he passed behind her he reached out and touched her between her legs. As he brushed his hand between her legs he could feel her **** **** lips. Excited he carried on as he weaved between the girls and fondled the second girl’s ****. Her **** hard, he then pressed his hard **** against the third girl’s tight ****. Adrenaline rushed through his veins as he completed his maneuver.

          Al moved off a ways to see what their reaction would be. He could see the girls as they talked amongst themselves for several minutes occasionally they glanced in his direction.

          Al continued to spy on the girls. As they moved to another aisle one of the girls motioned for Al to come closer. When Al walked up beside her she whispered that at first they had been frightened by his advances, but after they had talked about the incident the girls decided they could have a **** fun with the scenario.

          The two other girls approached. Then Tanya, Jessie, Sally and Al all introduced themselves. Tanya told Al the girls had decided that they wanted to enhance their **** experience and invited him for a rendezvous he would not soon forget.

 Tanya pressed her **** round **** against Al’s hard **** then rubbed her **** sideways, as she felt Al’s **** twitch in his jeans. Jessie whispered in Al’s ear that she wanted Al to finger her ****, right there in the store. Al dumb founded by the request from the **** ****, slowly reached up Jessie’s skirt, as he pushed two fingers between her **** lips. Her **** juice soaked his fingers. She leaned towards Al and moaned in his ear how good his fingers felt up inside her wet ****. Al’s **** throbbed in his jeans.

 With Jessie on his right, Tanya moved to his left side, and then Sally dropped to her knees as she knelt in front of Al. She then unzipped his pants and pulled Al’s **** out of his jeans right there in the store! Al could hardly believe his luck, here was a **** nymph about to give him a ****.

          Tanya reached over and grasped Al’s **** as she held it steady for Sally. Suddenly Sally engulfed Al’s full length into her hot mouth. Al nearly screamed out, but Tanya warned him to remain quiet. Tanya then turned towards Al and unbuttoned a couple of buttons of her blouse. She exposed her left breast and **** just enough for Al to see.

 Jessie then slid her hand into Al’s pants and caressed his **** while Sally continued to **** harder on Al’s ****. The girls felt Al tense up and knew he was about to ****. Tanya slid her right hand into her top, caressed   her left breast and then pinched her ****. On cue, Jessie rubbed her stiff **** against Al’s side. Moments later Al shuddered, as he came in Sally’s mouth. He heard Sally hungrily lap up his **** as she slurped and then smacked her lips. She then placed Al’s **** back into his pants and zipped his jeans.

          Tanya whispered in Al’s ear, “Honey, you are not finished by a long shot. All of us girls are extremely **** and want to ****.” The girls linked their arms on each side of Al, with Tanya in the lead, they ushered him outside to Tanya’s panel ****.

          Tanya had parked her **** at the back of the parking lot for just such an occasion as this. She pulled open the side door then Jessie, Al, Sally, and she climbed into the back. In the back of the **** there was a mattress and off to one side stood a box bound in leather.

 Sally and Jessie proceeded to peel Al’s clothes off. He lay **** on the mattress. Tanya told Jessie and Sally to tie Al’s arms and legs. Al was splayed out in a spread-eagled fashion. He wondered what the girls had in store for him. He was at their mercy, unable to move.

Tanya told her friends, “ Lets all get undressed.” Al watched the girls as they pulled their tops off and exposed their luscious ****. The girls each in turn tweaked their ****. Tanya unzipped Jessie’s skirt and let it fall to the floor. Al watched as Tanya brushed her fingers over the folds of Jessie’s **** and purred like a ****.

Both girls then turned to Sally as they pulled her skirt down and exposed her **** lace panties. Tanya stood behind Sally, Jessie then knelt in front of Sally and slowly peeled Sally’s panties over her ****, then leaned forward and flicked her tongue across Sally’s ****. In the mean time Tanya reached from behind and grasped Sally’s **** as she pulled outwards. Now, Jessie still on her knees tugged on Tanya’s skirt. The skirt finally slipped over Tanya’s tight **** cheeks. Sally gave Tanya’s tight **** a sharp slap and then slipped her right hand between Tanya’s legs.

 Al could not believe what happened in front of him. He begged the girls to release him. Al wanted desperately to join in the fun. His **** had become erect and pulsated as he watched the girls perform.

Tanya said, “Sorry mate but its girls only, you get to watch till I decide how to incorporate you into our scheme of **** pleasure.” Tanya opened the leather-clad box and pulled out a black 10inch **** and strapped it around her hips and thighs. Firmly in place the **** was thick and ribbed.

 She told Sally, “ Kneel over Al’s face and bend forward as you face the back of the truck”. Sally in position, Tanya then told Jessie, “Straddle Al’s chest and **** on Sally’s ****.” Tanya then said, “ Let Al watch, but for heaven’s sake do not let him touch your pussies.” We want to tease the hell out of him! Tanya then positioned herself behind Jessie; she spread Jessie’s **** lips then thrust the thick **** into Jessie’s ****. Tanya then surprised Al as she brushed her **** lips lightly across the tip of his **** whenever she thrust into Jessie’s ****.

Al watched helplessly from below as he witnessed Jessie’s tongue flick between Sally’s **** lips. Occasionally Sally’s **** juice dripped into his mouth and he got to savor her sweet juice. Al could hear both Jessie and Sally begin to pant as they thrust their hips backwards. He watched as Jessie just out of reach of his tongue, **** hard on Sally’s **** and heard her grunt as Tanya pounded the **** into Jessie’s ****. Sally moments later shuddered as she came then lowered her wet **** and brushed across Al’s mouth. He drew the scent of their pussies deep into his nostrils.

Jessie now strapped a rather impressive **** into place. It was curved and studded with small nodules. She positioned herself over Al’s head and faced towards his feet. Sally now moved in front of Jessie, Jessie thrust the hard **** into Sally’s **** as they then positioned themselves so Al could only watch as the **** slid in and out of Sally’s wet ****. Jessie then lubricated Sally’s **** with her saliva. Jessie removed the **** from Sally’s **** and slowly forced it into Sally’s tight ****. Sally’s facial expression changed from one of pleasure to one of distress as Jessie pushed deeper into Sally’s tight ****. Sally begged Jessie, “Please go slowly, it hurts!”

Tanya annoyed by Sally’s plea to go slowly then slapped Jessie’s ****. Tanya told Jessie to drill into Sally’s **** with her ****. “Make her cry out, I want to hear her sobs as you force her tight **** apart.” Jessie obeyed Tanya and thrust the big studded **** into Sally’s **** till Sally whimpered and cried out. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Tanya grabbed Sally by the hair and yanked her head up so she could witness the pain that Sally endured. While she held Sally’s head up Tanya then said, “Jessie **** the hell out of her **** or I will do the same to you.” Jessie afraid of what Tanya would do to her, pounded harder into Sally’s ****.  Tanya stood in front of Sally and told her to take the punishment like the **** **** that she believed her to be. After several minutes Tanya told Jessie to stop. Jessie eased out of Sally’s sore ****.

 Tanya loved being in control of her girlfriends and this poor devil that had fondled her **** without permission. Tanya rubbed her stiff **** across Al’s legs and then grabbed his **** firmly in her hand. She could feel the blood pulsate through his **** when she stroked it. Tanya moved into position just above Al’s thick ****. She teased him as she slowly descended and brushed her pink **** lips across the tip of his ****. She heard Al as he begged her to let him up and moaned that he was about to ****. She quickly grabbed an ice cube from the small bar fridge and placed it on his ****. When Tanya saw Al’s **** start to go limp she popped his **** into her hot mouth. Immediately Al’s **** became stiff again. Tanya repeatedly applied the ice cube to Al’s **** and when his **** started to go limp each time she **** Al’s **** back into her hot mouth. She teased him for what seemed like an eternity.

Sally and Jessie lay down on either side of Al and watched Tanya as she played with Al’s ****. Finally satisfied Tanya faced Al then positioned her pink **** lips just over the top of Al’s ****. Al gasped when Tanya straddled his **** with her wet ****. She then plunged down the full length of his **** till her **** rested on his ****. She rode his **** up and down as she whooped and hollered like a cowgirl on a bronco. Her double &ldquo” **** practically slapped her in the face as she rose and then plunged down harder on Al’s thick ****. Al still tied, could only endure her sadistic ride. Tanya bent forward and bit Al’s **** and then she used her long fingernails as she ripped the skin across his chest. A smile erupted upon her face, as he shot his hot ****, deep into her pink ****.

 Al finally thought she was finished but to his distress she continued to ride his ****. She told Sally and Jessie to bite each of Al’s **** while she continued to ride his stiff ****.  Al cried out, “ Please let me go I had enough already”. Tanya just laughed out loud as she leaned backwards and raked her fingernails along Al’s legs. She reminded Al of a hellcat in heat. The look of insanity crossed Tanya’s face as she continued to buck on Al’s ****, she let out a blood-curling howl as she shuddered and collapsed on top of him.

She rolled over onto her back, raised her knees and told Jessie to assume her position. Jessie crawled towards Tanya’s **** and began to **** the **** that oozed out between Tanya’s legs. Tanya reminded, “Jessie do a good job or I will smack your **** till it stings for a week.”

Sally crawled on her hands and knees as she approached Tanya. Jessie assumed her position beside Sally as they kissed Tanya’s feet. Tanya went to the box bound in leather and removed a wooden paddle. She returned to her position in front of the girls, leaned forward as she smacked each girl’s **** in turn, ten times. Tanya then caressed their **** and slipped each of her hands over their pink **** lips. Tanya praised the girls for an excellent **** session, then told Jessie and Sally to dress her and then themselves before they released Al.

 Al pulled his pants on, tied his runners and grabbed his shirt as he hastily exited the **** and fled the scene.

Tanya said to Jessie and Sally, “ Do you think we taught him a lesson he will never forget. Never, ever fondle young ladies while they shop! You never know what kind of hellcat you will have to deal with.” 


By Wolf Spirit

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