I have always considered certain people on BN my friends. I learned otherwise today. Not one had anything to say to me but felt it okay to say (something that wasnt positive) privately. You have been purged. I am okay with differing ideas but I value openess and honesty. If you have failed in that then there is no reason to pretend to be friends. I have to admit I am shocked and appalled at the way a certain man (not his real name but let's call him dave) felt it was okay to be less than upfront and to show blatant favoritism. The only good side to this is that I am seeing what many folks have complained to me about over the 4 years Ihave been on BN. Some silver lining, huh. Then I was given a **** pat on the head and told to keep posting and have fun on BN. I just wonder if there is anyone out there who realises it's treatment like this that KEEPS BN from being fun?

A thoroughly baffled by the bullshit,


Oct 31, 11 4:15 PM


I for one will never miss the mod section, I totally disagree with it and its partly to blame of what I can see and that is the demise of the site. The dynamics of the place has changed and not for the better good.

There’s no real leadership, nothing gets challenged, total breakdown.

11/1/11 6:52 PM

Reply to sunnydelite72

Actually it's not just this side of the mod fence. But yes live and learn and purge.

11/1/11 3:33 AM

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sunnyde... Blog

Hey ho live and learn then Neo? It's surprising the different things you see from the other side of the Mod fence isn't it!

Hope you are still feeling on the up after your surgery. ****

10/31/11 11:35 PM

Never thought you and I would be on the same page....here's to ya!!!

10/31/11 7:02 PM

ummm unfortunately i guess you learnt the hard way .... there is a lot i dont agree with right now and i do have a feeling it will boil over yet again because of DAVES weird decisions and handling of the forum mainly that anyone who shows slight mental issues gets to control everything .....one would have thought handling d something would have been learnt... but sadly no.... seriously of thinking of going off the wall myself just to get listen to ...ho hum

10/31/11 4:52 PM

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