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Well I have been walking now for about 3 weeks. Its harder than I remember. I never expected it to be this difficult. Therapy has been helpful but also painful and time consuming. I had to return to work last week. Some days I feel like I am 90 years old. I miss simple things like being able to tie my own shoes, and getting out of a chair without help.  I wanted to thank all who have been there and so supportive during the last few months as I have gone through this.




Oct 17, 11 5:24 PM


Two steps forward, one step back.

Annoying how getting one thing sorted causes a problem somewhere else. Recovery can be arduous.

10/27/11 2:05 PM

I just want to move forward faster. We have hit snag n the recovery process. I have pulled, strained, somehow damaged something in my left knee (the good one). At this point therapy is at a standstill.

Hopefully it will be diagnosed soon and then sorted.

10/25/11 6:13 PM

it might be hard work Neo but you are moving forward. keep on hunni you will get there in time xx

10/22/11 4:31 PM

Thanks Sunny!! Hope you had a lovely birthday!!

10/22/11 4:12 PM

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I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend love. Take care. xx

10/20/11 11:55 PM

john did that anyway just because he loves me

10/20/11 9:24 PM

Hey Neo, it will get better!
Hey maybe is just you like John to tie your shoes?

10/19/11 4:20 AM

Well for an 81 year old that isn't bad.

Seriously, hope you get up to full strength soon

10/18/11 2:21 PM

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