To everything there is a season

Life is seasonal or cyclic you might say. I came in here in the winter of my life. Alone, celibate, and less than thrilled about it. I have enjoyed the spring that a new love and new romance brings. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful man come 5000 miles to spend the rest of his life with me. As my life continues to be fuller, happier, busier I find have less and less interest in being here.

A lot of it has to do with some of the current personalities on the forum. I am sick of the whining, crying, goading, and tattling that a few people seem to indulge in on a very regular basis. So I have resigned as a mod. There will be rejoicing from some I know but, I doubt it will change their forum experience much. As much as people would like to think moderation is personal it's just not.

I am not just resigning as a mod. I am leaving BN. I may be back periodically to check in and see how things are going, but my days as a regular are over.

I want to say a personal thanks to a few people before I go, all the mods (CW, HH, NoN, DD, AMBS, NB, RR, Darky, Dee, Smike) it hasnt always been easy but I will say it has been a pleasure to be part of a team with you all.  Then to those who have  made the forums fun for me...IT, Met, Mikey, Rosie, HW, WWS, WWP, Honey, Red.and QM... I am sure there are others I am forgetting but dont think that it means I dont care just that I cant think of you all under pressure.

I hope that you all find what you are looking for as I have always said on here there is someone here for everyone, you just have to be patient in finding them.

Good luck and much love,


Aug 20, 11 11:30 PM


I am truly saddened to read this news NEO
All I can say is that you have been a fantastic Moderator , and I feel sure the whole of the Forum will miss you and your outstanding qualities .. Independent and unbiased fairness at all times

On a more personal level I will miss your friendliness and humor on the forum’s , I have thoroughly enjoyed our limited but always meaningful interaction and hope it will
Continue for many years to come

If you and John ever find yourself in the UK please let me know , the drinks are on me


8/31/11 4:22 PM

Sorry to see you go Neo as one of the original mod team you helped set the standard we are following. Keep in touch hunni. Now you have your lovely John over there its time to start your real life together. Hope you look back in from time to time xx

8/22/11 4:49 PM

Well this is it...anyone who would like to keep in touch can ask one of the mods for my email address (its posted in the mods area)

Take care and be naughty!!!


8/22/11 4:49 PM

Neo, I am sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed your no BS approach and always speaking your mind.
Good luck and do come back from time to time to say hi.
Let me know if you come down to FL xoxo

8/22/11 4:52 AM

Rosie, I hope that at some point you and I will meet face to face. I find that the people I am most drawn to are the ones who have challenged me to think more clearly. Give my best to the the one on decorating leave.


8/22/11 2:57 AM

Ask her for a photo
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rosewine Blog

I am genunally sorry your going but understand your thinking. We have had our moments but this past wee while there has been an understanding.

Good luck................and be happy.


8/21/11 10:02 PM

Reply to TalentedAngel
you are also ETERNALLY grateful lol

8/21/11 9:52 PM

Ask her for a photo
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sunnyde... Blog

Good luck in the real world Neo and John, love from Barby and Pulp. xx

8/21/11 9:24 PM

Best of luck sweetie and I do hope you come back from time to time. All the best, treasure that man. I too have found my true love on BN and I will be internally grateful to BN. All the best. Petra (TA) xx

8/21/11 9:03 PM

Sorry to see you go Neo- I have enjoyed the **** bit of time we have spent together. In the few times we have talked, you have always been courteous and professional. I wish you continued success in real life, and do stop by and check in on us from time to time


8/21/11 8:58 PM

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